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One of the true accessories that a man can wear is a watch. You may be all dressed up in an Italian suit and look classy, but if someone were to ask the time and you reach to your pocket for the phone, it gets in the way of looking sophisticated.

With a leather cuff watch, you can command respect by looking respectful yourself. This is because it is never rude to reach to your wrist when you want to tell the time. Plus leather is mostly preferred because it is durable, classy, and makes a statement, especially in the business world.

If you are scouring the market for the perfect cuffs, we’ve picked genuine models that suit many styles. This is from the office to the casual look, and even for trendier men who love accessorizing with cuffs. We’d also want you to look at a small buyer’s guide to help you find your exact match.

Fossil Men’s Watch


The Fossil Men’s Cuff watch is an excellent choice. It has a 45mm stainless steel case that features a white dial and a mineral dial window. The case maintains its shiny luster as it is resilient to any shocks the watch could receive. The strap is of genuine leather in a brown color with silver-tone studs. This gives it the much desired sporty look that many men like.

This watch is quite functional. It uses Analog quartz movement and an Analog display window. It is not only classy and elegant, but it is also simple to tell time just by looking at the two hands. You’ll like that the Fossil brand is waterproof to 100 meters. You can take it for swimming or snorkeling so you don’t have to lose it in the changing room when undertaking your hobbies.

GUESS Leather Cuff for Sale


If you are looking for a watch with a bit more versatility, this is it. The GUESS watch uses a removable, black leather, cuff strap. It can convert from a trendy look to a casual style in a minute. It uses a durable mineral crystal that protects it from scratches. The case is slim only 44-mm wide. It fits seamlessly under your shirt’s cuffs for a sleek look.

Just like the Fossil brand, you can take it to wet environments. It is water resistant to 100 meters. It bears a bold style thanks to the stainless steel case and the black-tone hands. It also utilizes an Analog Japanese Quartz movement, so there’ll be no guessing when trying to tell time.

Harley Davidson with Black Band


The Harley Davidson Bulova Watch draws you to its elegant look and unique face. The stainless steel case is a high assurance for its longevity since you can count on it for everyday use. With the big Arabic markers, it becomes easy to look at so you will no longer be looking at your smartphone.

This watch uses luminous hands which makes it quick to see even in the darkness. Not to mention, it’s much easier when using it underwater as it is water resistant to 50 meters. The black and grey color scheme on this watch guarantees a modern look which many women find attractive. The case is only 40mm, making it the slimmest cases on our list.

Sergio Montell Brown Cuff Watch


This Italian brand brings you a stylish stainless steel watch, with a tailored leather strap. It is inspired by vintage pieces as it uses metal fasteners and high-quality leather. The handcrafting of the Sergio Montelli complemented by the Quartz-Japanese movement gives it a classic feel.

You can alternate between a wide and narrow strap to suit the style you want to pull. We like that it has a mix of color in the features from the black toned dial to the black case, blue watch hand, and brown strap. You’ll love that this model has a one year warranty which goes to say it is a reliable brand.

Nemesis Wide Wrist Band


The Nemesis cuff watch does not disappoint with this exceptional design. This model features a notched unidirectional bezel, four Arabic hour markers, and a round black dial. The case is 44mm of stainless steel with a mineral window that protects it from abrasions.

This watch has a wide leather cuff. It is detailed with stud accents and contrast stitching that is perfect for going the ‘big watch’ trend. The buckle closure also adds to the chunky look. It follows an Analog display, making it simple to know the time without going through too many metrics. It is a great choice for anyone who is keen on finely crafted watches in a wide design.

How to Pick the Perfect Timepiece

The Quality of the Leather

You want a cuff that is made of genuine leather, this is because other parts of the watch may outlive the straps. You don’t want to go looking for replacements before the watch is a few years old. That’s why you need to know that the watch is 100% genuine leather. But how do you know the difference?

Genuine leather is soft to the touch, it is warm against the skin, you can find pores on it, and it is not glossy like what you’d see on synthetic imitation. Fortunately for you, we’ve chosen only the brands that use genuine, quality hide.

Quartz vs. Automatic

Many cuff watches use quartz analog movement to power the watch. This is because it displays a classic style that is synonymous with leather watches. They are remarkably accurate since they are not susceptible to losing time. For automatic watches, they use your hand movements to power the watch. As such, you may need to reset it before you put it on.

The question about analog vs. Automatic boils down to your personal preference. But for this selection, quartz movement wins the day.

Watch Size

When it comes to watch size, there’s no one-size-fits-all. However, you don’t want a watch that takes too much space on your wrists. For male wrists, 40-45 mm cases are ideal as it is neither too wide nor too slim to look like a ladies’ watch.

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