Plastic Ball Pit Balls for Endless Fun


Bundles of energy have gone into picking out the best plastic ball pit balls, just for the fun!

How Many Are Enough?

Look, there is no way that a ball pit filled with 200 balls will leave anything but a smile on your toddlers face. (It will generally cover the floor of the pit.)

However, the recommended amount is around 300 to 500 for a full, deep splash.

Are They Safe for Kids?

Absolutely! These non-toxic balls go the extra mile by even being BPA, lead and phthalate free. Occasionally, a small defect in the plastic might create a sharp edge. If you’re worried about this, simply check each ball before placing them inside the pit.

So, after some serious playin’ around, here are our winners!

200 Crush Proof Plastic Ball Pit Balls by Click N’ Play


If you are in the market for 200 or more play pit balls, you clearly have a lot of fun in store in the near future, be it for a bunch of excited kids or an even rowdier bunch of adults catching up on some overdue play time.

After looking in detail at a wide range, we have found the Click N’ Play products to be the all round winners based on durability, guaranteed fun and most importantly, safety.

Why Ball Pits?

Ball pit balls have traditionally been used to entertain children. Other than the obvious amusement they offer, they create a safe environment for babies and toddlers. Small children can’t drown in them and they can’t swallow them, allowing mom and dad some well needed switch off time. All the while, the kids are happily distracted for hours by bright colors and sensory pleasure.

Ball Strength & Durability

They are crush proof because of their air sealed design and able to withstand 90 pounds of weight. They will also last longer than the standard injection molded variations, so you won’t be buying a replacement bag any time soon.


These 2.3 inch diameter size is perfect for any and all sorts of fun you can throw at them. As we touched on above, they are non toxic. Made with BPA free, lead free, phthalate free and non-PVC plastic means they are safe and don’t have that awful plastic smell.

They are also slightly lighter than the commercial types you find. This makes them great for kids with a good pitching arm. They are strong without feeling hard. They are just the right softness that your kids will not be breaking a window or getting hurt. If you are looking for a ball pit too, have a look at our best baby sensory ball pit review.


Lastly, the strong, reusable storage bag comes filled with 6 bright color variations including blue, red, pink, green, orange and yellow.


Your kids will be in play time heaven in their pit or playpen. Alternatively, a bag of these poured into any swimming pool takes swim time for kids of all ages, adults included, to a completely new level of entertainment.


Pick up a bag or two, throw them in a play pit and you will see the instant results of a purchase well made.

White Plastic Balls


If you are looking for something a little more ‘sophisticated’ and ‘grownup’, and we use those words loosely, then you will love the White Ocean Balls to class things up a bit. This seller also conveniently provides a variety of other single colored options.

If you are putting together a theme pool party and need balls for a pit, or an added layer of fun to the surface of your swimming pool, look no further.

Curious To See What Thousands of Play Pit Balls Look Like?

Benefits of Playing in Ball Pits for Adults

Playing makes you smile and smiling makes you look younger. You can’t help but smile surrounded by balls of colorful fun and it’s a lot more affordable than surgery. Here are some fun reasons why adults can do with some ball pit r&r too.

  1. Most adults can benefit from being a little less serious, look at ball pits as your gateway to a more fun and free you.
  2. A little more play in life can help drastically reduce your stress levels, and increase your energy levels.
  3. Playing in a pit is a less formal and enjoyable way of getting to know new people. We can’t think of a more awesome idea for a team building event.
  4. They are a fun way for mom and dad to reconnect with one another, and your children.
  5. Play makes it easier to make friends. Ask your kids, a good ball pit session will have you connecting with fun and like minded individuals.
  6. Whether you are in a fun house, or in your kids’ play pit in the backyard, playing makes you feel younger and more alive.
  7. Let your mind switch off and enjoy the moment. Ball pitting will give you a break from an overactive mind and allow you to recharge and be creative.
  8. Fine-tune your coordination skills. Be it simply for improving balance or aiming for a target, you have more than enough ammo to perfect your pitching arm.
  9. Too little play time is not healthy for kids, and the same applies to adults. Being happy can boost your immune system, saving you on doctor’s bills.

How About Just White?

One Last Word

Like socks that go missing in the washing machine, you will find a similar mysterious phenomenon at play in your ball pit. These plastic delights go astray in a secret and inexplicable way so you will be topping them up over time.

Happy diving, throwing, packing or chewing. What ever it is you will be using your plastic balls for, we are happy to know you’ll be grinning ear to ear.

We hope you have found our review fun and inspiring. We look forward to your feedback and if you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments below.

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