Quick Home Improvement and DIY Decor Hacks


Even when the budget it tight, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own stylish home decor. Here are some quick DIY ideas to up the style on your home without breaking the bank.

Make Your Own Knife Holder


Diy Knife Stand

Let’s start in the kitchen. You’ve seen the expensive knife holders that allow you to put any size knife, blade first, into the tightly packed plastic rods. Now imagine you could create it yourself for around $3!

First you’ll need an old jar, or an unused vase laying around the house. It should be at least as tall as your longest knife blade.

Then head on over to the store and grab a packet or two of kebab sticks (They look like giant toothpicks). Guesstimate how many you need by eye-balling the width of the jar opening. Remember to get a little extra as the sticks need to be packed nice and tight.

Now stuff those babies right into the opening, making sure that they are all the same length to create a smooth surface. You can now simply insert the knives and use them whenever you need.

Grey is the New “Color”


Visually, one of the biggest changes you can make to a space, is the color palette. However, who needs color when you have the coolest “color” of the season. A slight two-tone Grey palette will enhance a space by creating a modern, sophisticated and open feeling.

This can be combined with very few accents of light and dark brown but only if the space needs it. We suggest an off-white Nguni rug for a touch of warmth.

DIY Industrial Table


Crudely designed tables with metal binding and steel wheels can add a sense of workman’s style to a any space. Turning it into a movie style loft in NYC. Unfortunately these pieces are extremely overpriced!

For starters you’ll need an old table. Perhaps you have an old table that has seen better days or maybe you can head down to the second-hand store and pick up a table with character for next to nothing. You’re not looking for something in a great condition. The rougher, the better.

Next, head over to the local hardware store and find some metal wheels. (These are usually meant for an industrial trolley.) Go big and bulky!

Now remove the existing legs by simply sawing through them just below the base of the table. (You’ll most likely attach the wheels onto the leg-stubs so leave just a little bit if you can. Around 3 inches should be fine, as long as you can’t see them when standing or sitting next to the table.)

With the legs removed go ahead and secure the wheels. Nice thick screws will do great. Your workmanship doesn’t even have to be perfect because the point where the wheels are attached is below the table and out of site. Only the cool wheels will show under your new and “expensive” industrial coffee table.



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