Reusable Freezer Packs for Coolers or Lunch Boxes

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There’s nothing worse than reaching for a warm soda or a soggy salad! The solution is cheap, long lasting and will deliver fridge-fresh food time and time again. Reusable ice packs!

These aren’t the brick-sized space hogs you remember, leaking toxic goo into your cooler box. They’re small, super safe and stay cold for ages. The compact designs pack efficiently and distribute cold evenly.

The below selection caters for the whole family. From dad’s cooler box to mom’s healthy lunches, not forgetting some awesome designs that the kids will just love!

We have reviewed the longest lasting and cooler-than-ice, freezer packs that will ensure your lunch is extra fresh when it’s time to eat.

Ice Packs for Your Lunch Box

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If you are looking for a compact cooling pack, the Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Ice Pack is about to make it into each lunch box you prepare. They’re packed in sets of 4.

These slim designs are the size of a standard sandwich. (To be exact they are 4.75 x 4.75 inches and only 0.25 inches thick). This means they will fit perfectly into your lunch box. You can even slide them right in between your sandwiches.

The non-toxic outer plastic is BPA free so no need to be concerned if it comes in contact with your food.

They are designed with a bevel which allows them to stack. You can double up for an extra fresh meal. Pro tip: If used with an insulated cooler bag, they will stay colder for even longer.

As with any ice packs, they are only for cooling and should not be put in a microwave or washed in a dish washer. If they need a clean, simply rinse in soapy water, freeze and they will be ready to cool your next meal.

This is ideal for you and your family if you prepare daily lunches for work and school. If you want to ensure fresh and healthy meals by lunch time, these are perfect.

Blue Ice Reusable Lunch Pack Coolers

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For cooler than ice performance, Rubbermaid LunchBlox blue ice packs have built a notable reputation. This all American made product comes in a set of 3 and is BPA free.

Most households know the Blue Ice brand and are familiar with the clever lunch box, ice pack connection system. If you are new to the product, what makes them special is that they are designed to snaps onto the top and bottom to your lunch container, keeping your food chilled.

A great benefit is as the frozen pack thaws, the condensation does not make food soggy or wet because it is attached to the outside of the food container.

If you do not own the full lunch box food system, this slim product works just as well in a cooler bag or conventional lunch tin.

If you like nothing more than a fresh fruit salad for lunch, this container system and quality cooling units will keep your meal tasting “just made”. They can be used in any small or large cooler box. Because they take up minimal space, you will have plenty packing room for extra meals and treats.

Large Gel Freezer Packs

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Looking for an ice alternative for your cooler box, CoolerShock Gel Premium Freezer Packs for coolers are the perfect solution.

These reusable and easy to fill cooler units have a 7 mm thick and flexible outer layer. They are constructed with 3 layers of foil and nylon that enables them to cool to an impressive 18 ℉ or -8℃. To charge them, place them in your freezer for 24 hours. They will then be ready for use.

The large gel packs use burst cooling technology which accelerates cooling. Rather than simply keeping your drinks at the temperature they were originally, it makes them even colder.

They last for up to 48 hours in a sealed cooler or 24 hours if the cooler is being opened and closed regularly. This is ideal if you plan to keep your cooler cold on overnight camping or fishing trip. They also perform as effectively as 20 pounds of ice yet they are compact and flexible allowing you to fill your cooler with food and drinks instead of bulky ice bags.

Your CoolerShock order will arrive dry so you will need to add the water to turn it into gel and get them working. To permanently seal the unit, apply heat with an iron and you will be ready to pop it in the freezer and enjoy its cooling energy the following day. We have included the filling and sealing video below.

This is great for you if you enjoy camping, picnics or sports games and want to keep your refreshments cool without melting and creating a swampy mess in your cooler box.

Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers Ultra-thin Ice Packs

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For ultra thin ice packs, the Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers are just perfect.

Each set contains 4 ultra thin rectangular pieces. You can select between 4 color options, blue, grey, green and purple.

They are perfect for everyday use. Whether you are using them, to keep a small boxed lunch fresh or in a larger cooler box. The slim design takes up next to no space at all.

If you find your food is not chilled enough when it is time for lunch, double up and use two instead. They are thin enough that an extra one will not get in the way. At room temperature, a frozen unit should last 4-6 hours in a lunch box.

If you are a large family with limited freezer space, you will love that these ultra thin packs. They take up so little space and will have the whole family eating healthy chilled meals when it’s time for lunch.

Cute Lunchbox Icepack for Kids

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Looking for cute lunchbox icepacks? Fit & Fresh Penguin Shaped Cool Coolers have mastered combining cute with cool. Your kids are going to love these fun additions to their lunch bag.

Each set comes with 4, super slim, multicolored figures. Fun colors are not all that sets them apart from the rest. Fit & Fresh have created this range in 5 different designs which entertain while they cool your lunch snack. The five designs available are penguins, owls, cars, sunglasses and flowers.

Only problem with these cuties are they won’t always make it home in your kids lunch box. Be prepared to buy a replacement set in the future. Write your child’s name on the cooler with a sharpie (before freezing) to increase the chance of them being found and returned.

These are the perfect lunch pack coolers if you have younger kids and want to cool and color up their midday snack.

Who Are These Genius Ice Packs For?

The Health Conscious

These awesome products will not only keep your lunch or picnic food perfectly chilled. They will also give you the peace of mind that the food you have is fresh and healthy. A warm salad is no delight to eat and won’t help you stick to that new eating plan. Even worse, risking bacteria growth on your cold meat sandwich is not worth getting sick over.

Kiddies School Lunches

As with your own lunch, you want to ensure your kid’s meals are delicious and nutritious. The design and color options available will also brighten up their day while they enjoy their refreshing chilled fruit or box juice.

Office Lunch Packs

In the office environment, its often difficult to get away from your desk. Even if you get a break, we all know every office has at least one lunch refrigerator thief. If this is your problem, you can now keep your food at your desk to grab a bite when you need it. At the same time, you will avoid the aggravation of finding your lunch half eaten or completely vanished. We’re not sure which is worse.

Breastfeeding Moms

If you are a working and breastfeeding mom, you may need to express and keep your milk chilled during the day.  Using the office fridge for this purpose may come with some objections so a small insulated cooler bag and a freezer pack at two will do the trick.

Camping, Picnics and Ball Games

If you are relaxing out in nature or celebrating your favorite teams win, make sure it’s with a cold one. These products don’t take up space like ice and they keep your cooler box way cooler, for way longer. Unlike ice, they don’t leave a melted mess for you to clean up later. They are also reusable, again and again and again so they save you having to pick up more ice and conveniently charge up overnight.

These affordable gems make chilling and cooling simple and easy and are an absolute essential in any home.


How to Fill a Dry Ice Pack (#3 CoolerShock Gel)

We hope you are now looking forward to lunch time, as opposed to ditching your “healthy turned warm” packed lunch for some greasy fast food.  Send us your thoughts on your purchase and let us know if it is delivering as promised.

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