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Braving the wet weather can be annoying, but who wants to be stuck inside all the time? Some of us actually enjoy being in the great outdoors in wet or wintery weather, there a certain feeling you get that is hard to describe. Then there are some of us have no choice but to get out in the snow or rain, whether it is to get some work done or go on a drizzly hike into the mountains.

Even with the right gear, moisture gets in and chances are you’re left with soaked boots or soggy gloves…

Thankfully there is a fantastic range of boot and glove dryers available that will make sure that your gear is dry and toasty for the next day out in the wet.

We found five of the nicest boot and glove dryers on the market which we think are the best ones for you.

Original Peet Boot Dryer


The Original Peet boot dryer is a refined version of the first boot dryer invented in 1968 by Gene Peet.

The idea was borne from a constant problem of wet footwear that doesn’t dry because of the moist climate.

The dryer is very simple by design and very easy to use; it draws air through vents on the bottom where the air is slightly heated. The air then rises naturally through the two flues up into your boots or gloves. The top of the flue has an air distribution fitting that spreads the air out evenly through the wet boot.

The dryer is very energy efficient and does not use excessive heat in the drying process, thereby preserving the boot material. The process also eliminates bacteria and spores that would cause mould and mildew in your boots.

A very well priced product that is affordable and backed by a 25 year guarantee. We think that’s a hot deal!

MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot and Glove Drying Rack


The Maxxdry boot and glove dryer is a great and efficient unit that will dry a soaked pair of boots in roughly one hour.

Utilizing warmed air which is forced through two flues into the interior of your wet boots, the Maxxdry will eliminate odour causing bacteria right into the seams of your boots, leaving you with a dry and toasty pair of boots for your next wet weather expedition.

The Maxxdry comes with two extension tubes so you can dry longer boots up to 16 inches in length and comes with a heat and no-heat setting with a 3 hour timer function.

DryGuy DX Boot Air Dryer


The Dry Guy Boot, glove and garment dryer is a bit more industrial than the Peet dryer, but can dry two pairs of boots at once. It also makes a good garment dryer because of its design, a wet top or shirt can be draped over the four corner flues to get dry fairly quickly.

It gently forces warmed air through the flues into your boots, gloves or other items at about 105 degrees for a gentle drying period. Most boots will dry in about 1 or 2 hours using the DryGuy, making sure you have dry boots the next morning before heading back out into the wet.

The warm air also inhibits the growth of mould and kills most bacteria that causes bad foot odours.

The DryGuy is a bit more expensive but can take multiple pairs of boots or other garments. It carries a 1 year warranty on product defects.

DryGuy Travel Dryer


Here’s a great portable boot dryer from DryGuy, totally compact and portable, making it the ideal dryer for people on the move.

The DryGuy Travel dryer is designed to dry your boots while you on the move. Comes as a set for simultaneous drying of your footwear, the dryer is equipped so that it can be used from the lighter port in your vehicle.

Relying on a hybrid forced air and convection system, the DryGuy travel dryer will dry your footwear out much faster than any other portable dryer on the market.

This small 7 inch long dryer will dry your soaking boots within an hour, keeping your footwear in great condition and dry for your next wet weather adventure.

Ideal for hikers, backpackers and travelling workmen who face wet conditions on a daily basis. Well priced and backed by a one year guarantee, the DryGuy is a well-designed and worthy purchase.

Kendal Portable Shoe and Glove Dryer


The Kendal is a brilliant dryer for folks who live in areas where wet conditions prevail for long parts of the year.

This dryer is versatile because it can be taken with on holiday or be installed as a permanent fixture in your home with the handy wall mount brackets. This is awesome for homes where wet footwear and clothing are always a constant part of daily life.

The Kendal is quite versatile and can dry two pairs of boots simultaneously or dry a pair of boots while drying two pairs of gloves with the convenient glove dryer adaptor at the same time.

The long flexible air pipes can even be inserted into a wet pair of trousers to get them dry if needed. The fairly compact size of 13 x 10 x 3 inches and light weight of 3.5 pounds makes it fairly portable and ideal for a holiday where you know you will deal with wet weather.

The Kendal is very well-priced and is backed by a one year guarantee. We think this dryer is definitely one of the best buys on of our list here.

Advantages of a Dryer for Boots and Gloves

Wet boots and other garments will quickly lose strength and dexterity because of constant exposure to wet and moist conditions.

Rot sets in quickly at the seams and very soon mould starts to grow, further weakening the materials. Bacteria that causes bad odours and rot thrives in these moist conditions. Now most outdoor gear like boots and hiking gloves are very expensive and the correct care is necessary to ensure years of service.

A boot and glove dryer such as these in our list will guarantee your outdoor gear to have a much longer lifespan than what they would have without the care and preservation offered by a dryer.

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