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Sensory play is vital for all babies. Not only does it keep your child occupied but it also naturally stimulates multiple senses in the body and strengthens neural pathways.

Children absorb information through their environment. From birth to 3 years old, your child’s brain is like a sponge soaking everything up.  Adding sensory play to their everyday routine is one of the best ways to promote learning, plus they’ll have so much fun doing it! Ball pits, in particular, stimulate sight and touch and is one of the first and most effective ways to inspire and teach your little ones.

Our team of professionals have reviewed the best sensory ball pits for babies and toddlers based on quality, safety, design and value for money.

We know that time isn’t exactly something parents have a lot of so we have made things simple by finding the very best options on the market and listing them below. Take a look at what we have put together and soon your bundle of joy will be having the time of their life!

Play Tunnel and Ball Pool with Hoop


Topping our list is the Playz 3 Piece Kids play tent with tunnel, ball pool and basketball hoop. This amazing pit goes above and beyond what you would normally expect from a ball pool. It is a 3 in one sensory extravaganza that will keep your baby busy for hours on end.

  • Dimension: 18” Base Height – 32” Hoop Height – 45” Width
  • Triangular Play Tent Dimension: 40” Height – 44” Diagonal Base Width
  • Tunnel Dimension: 42” Length – 19” Diameter
  • NO BALLS are included so you’ll have to add some to your order.

We love everything! The tunnel and basketball hoop add some fun to the mix by promoting crawling and throwing. The soft, breathable mesh will allow you to breath easy knowing your baby will be safe and sound while playing. The set up couldn’t be easier. In under a minute you will have your wonderland up and ready, it simply pops open!
When set up completely, the pit, tunnel and tent are very big so you will need quite a large area for it. What’s great about the size is that a few children will be able to join in on the fun! Take it to the park or to a play date and let the kids enjoy themselves.

If you’re looking for a little more than a standard setup this is the perfect buy for you. Your child will have a ball of a time with this wonderful toy kingdom.

Baby Ball Pit with Hoop


The Kuuqa with Basketball Hoop is great for indoor and outdoor play. The height is perfect for filling it up with lots of balls, allowing your baby or toddler to “swim” with the balls or stand up and throw them through the basketball hoop.

  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches
  • NO BALLS are included

The bright polka dot design helps babies recognise different colours and the basketball hoop helps promote physical co-ordination. This item is so lightweight and compact you can literally take it anywhere! It folds up to a very small 18cm and comes with a zippered storage bag

It is made from polyester which can be quite delicate but the fact that it’s waterproof is a great bonus, making cleaning it super easy.

Your little one will love the bright colours and fun design. If you are looking for a standard size ball pool with the added fun of a basketball hoop this will be a great choice.

EocuSun Kids Playpen


The Ecosun Playpen is an affordable, simple option for keeping your child occupied while stimulating his or her senses. The simplistic design is perfect for setting up just about anywhere and it holds a huge amount of balls, roughly 600.

  • Dimensions: 39.4 X 39.4 X 14.5 inches
  • NO BALLS are included

We love the fold up method of putting this playpen away. Simply push the sides down, twist it together and store it in its very own pouch. No tools required. The high strength memory steel frame ensures that the play pen will always pop back directly into shape.

The flexible materials used to make the pen are fantastic for storage purposes but this means that the pen isn’t very sturdy. Be sure to watch that your child doesn’t use the sides to pull themselves up as the sides could collapse.

If you want to keep things simple are looking for an easily portable setup, the Ecosun is the way to go.

100 Ball Play Tent


The Pop-Up iPlay 100 isn’t just a ball pool, is a tent as well! Your child will love throwing the balls around inside and you won’t have to worry about them landing all over your house or garden. It is small and compact which means you can pop it up just about anywhere and not have to worry about making space for it.

  • Dimensions: 39 (Diameter) x 28 (H) inches
  • It comes with 100 free balls!

No need to spend extra cash on bright coloured balls, iPlay has you covered. The mesh sides create extra support, which will prevent the tent from tipping over and the sheer windows allow you to watch your little munchkin enjoying every minute of fun.

The tent is a little on the small side and is only suited to one child at a time. The bonus of small means no stress about where to set it up.

This ball pool is perfect if you are looking for something compact that won’t take up unnecessary space yet deliver buckets of fun. This great space saver will keep your child safe and secure while playing.

Disney Mickey Inflatable Pit with 20 Balls


The Disney “Having a Ball” Playland is nothing short of delightful. Mickey, Pluto, Goofy and Donald will have your children squealing with glee while they toss the 20 soft flex balls around.

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 31.5 x 41.5 inches
  • 20 Ball included (You’ll need a little extra)

The playpen is inflatable, soft and welcoming. The fun Disney design is very appealing and the added interactive side play panel is fantastic for further stimulation. The ball toss roof and crawl openings also add an element of fun to this inflatable ball pit.

You will need a pump to inflate the play pit. Once inflated, your child will be in his element so be ready for the excitement!

It’s suitable fot babies and toddlers. If you are looking for something safe and soft for your young child, this attractive design is a perfect match.

Don’t Forget The Balls!

Do yourself a favour and buy these great , non-Toxic, colourful plastic ball pit balls by Click N’ Play.  They are great quality and perfectly sized for your sensory ball pit. Just remember to check each ball for any defects before placing them inside the pit.


More Bright Ideas

  • For older babies, put a small slide in the ball pool for some extra fun! Your child will love sliding into the pit and landing on the soft balls.
  • Don’t have balls? Don’t worry! You can cut up pool noodles or any spongy material as an alternative to balls.
  • Add a few toys to the pit. Mix them in with the balls and every now and then your baby will get a surprise when he or she finds one!
  • If it’s a hot day and you are looking forward to some outside play, add some water to the mix for some cool, splashing fun.
  • If you are looking for single colored balls for a themed party or to match babies room, visit our dedicated plastic ball page.

Video of Babies

We hope our review has been useful in helping you select the perfect product and that it will bring you and your child may fun filled hours. Please leave your comments below.

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