Tips for Using a GPS Hiking Watch


If you’re out in the wild, you want to be sure you’ll be able to find your way around with a reliable GPS Hiking Watch. Here are some great tips on getting the best out of your device.

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1. Ensure Your Device is Fully Charged

You should be able to hike to your location and back at least twice before the battery dies. Remember that the watch will run out of power much faster when in GPS mode.

2. Install the Latest Firmware

Manufacturers are continually updating their features making them stronger and more user friendly. Also make sure you’re familiar with the new interface if a lot has changed since the latest¬†update.

3. Take a Spare Map

The best hikers always know to carry a backup, for every eventuality. Also grab a lightweight compass for the hike.

4. Check your GPS or GLONASS Satellite Signal

Check signal before you rely solely on your device. You may have found yourself in a “dead-zone” due to interference or topographical obstructions.

5. Pay Attention as You Hike

Your GPS watch is a backup but you can always rely on memory too. Check out landmarks and take note of the position of the sun for extra measure.

6. Two GPS Watches are Better than One

If you hike with a buddy, check out their GPS too. It’s often loads of fun to see how the minute differences in your hike affect your endurance.

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