Tent Air Conditioner & Camping Fans for a Cool Summer

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Camping in summer does not need to leave you parched and overheated. Thanks to innovations in tent cooling, there are now portable, lightweight tent air conditioners and fans that will have your tent feeling like a haven instead of a stuffy sauna.

Our team has reviewed the best cooling units to keep you comfortable and energized while you enjoy your summer in the outdoors. Some of these units are even small and light enough to pop in your backpack. Some even double up as a light.

Short of manually installing a standard window air conditioner in the side wall of your tent, the following list of portable units and fans will keep you cool as a cucumber.

Portable Air Conditioner for Camping Tents

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Our first and favorite air conditioner is the IcyBreeze Portable Tent Air Conditioner and Cooler. This is a true tent air conditioner worth every penny. This great looking, compact machine comes in 3 fun colors. Green, red and blue.

This machine has 3 speed options. The maximum setting delivers a wind speed of 25MPH and provides excellent ventilation. Simplicity is also a key factor. All you need to do is fill up the cooler with water and ice, switch it on and find yourself a prime spot. The battery life lasts about 6 to 7 hours.

You will definitely get your money’s worth with this cooler. It is powerful enough to guarantee that your tent will be cool throughout your camping trip.

The IceBreeze mobile air conditioner will need to be connected to your cars 12V car power supply to recharge. This is ideal if you are car camping, but a little less practical if you are venturing off trail and need to cool down.

If you are looking for a tent air conditioner that is portable and means business, then look no further. This product delivers ultimate camping comfort during those hot and humid days.



Portable Tent Fan with LED Lantern

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At number two, we have the Image Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan.

If convenience is what you’re after, then you’ve found your perfect match. We love that this portable fan can hang from the roof of your tent or stand on any surface.

This air cooler offers great versatility and impressive battery life. It provides 30 hours of fan time on high speed and up to 50 hours at lower speeds. We love that this two in one device cuts down on carrying additional gear.

The fan is so quiet that you have to double check you have not left it on when not using it. Best to double check to ensure you do not drain your batteries unnecessarily.

If you like a cool breeze on you while you sleep, look no further. This little champ is super quiet and can easily be positioned in the perfect spot to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long. And when your camp fire goes out and something goes bump in the night, you have a light handy.

Mini Air Conditioner for Camping

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At number three we have the WoneNice Portable Tent Mini Air Conditioner

This mini, portable air conditioner is battery or USB operated, allowing you to use it whenever. It will fit easily into any backpack, travelling bag, car glove compartment or rest comfortably on any near bye surface. It is the perfect device to cool you down and it barely makes a sound.

This innovative little invention uses evaporative cooling technology. All you need to do is wet the sponge inside the device and air is forced through the cooling filter which cools down the air. It works best in warmer, drier conditions. This fan comes in four fun colors, black, grey, blue and pick to suit anyone’s preference.

Although small, this mini AC will not fit into the average pocket. This is only an issue if you are something very discreet. It is however the perfect size to get its job done quickly and effectively.

This is the perfect mini air conditioner for you if you are an active person that needs to cool down, wherever the day’s adventures take you. If you are in your car, taking a walk or just relaxing at camp, this light mini device will cool you down whenever needed.

Coleman Cool Zephyr Ceiling Fan with Light

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The brand new design Coleman Cool Zephyr Lantern & Tent Fan comes in at number four. It is an easy-to-use, no fuss, basic camping fan that will cool you down on warmer days with the added bonus of being a light source.

It has a strong magnetic clip or Carabiner clip to allow you to attach it easily to your tent. This tent cooling device offers two 2 fan speeds, high and low and lasts for 24 hours on a set of batteries.

The battery life will give you limited use so if you want to get more use out of a set of batteries, place the fan near a window on the lower setting and it will help pull air into the tent, cooling it faster. This way you should get an extra day out of them. For even more air conditioned temperatures, pack a spare set of batteries.

This is the perfect tent cooling system if you will be backpacking as it weighs next to nothing and has a built-in light. If you love camping with your kids, it is also a fantastically safe option with kids around. The blades are made of a soft, foam material so will not hurt curious fingers.

Considerations When Buying a Tent Air Conditioner or Fan

Going on a camping trip will take on a whole new level of enjoyment once overheating is no longer a factor. You’ll be able to wind down at camp and get a good night’s sleep in comfortable cool conditions.

  1. Most coolers need batteries to operate. Depending on your camping trip, factor in your exact needs so you have access to a car charger or a few extra sets of batteries.
  2. If your tent air conditioner or fan attaches to your tent, ensure it has a secure spot for you to connect it to. The fans are lightweight enough to hang almost anywhere.
  3. If you will be backpacking, ensure you factor in the weight of the item you select. Even a few extra pounds can become a major burden if you are taking on a more challenging hike. The two fan and light units reviewed above give you the added benefit of not needing a torch.
  4. For car camping, a quality tent air conditioner is worth the investment. These clever units offer a variety of uses. If you are used to carrying a cooler to sporting events or on day picnics, the added feature of an air conditioner will have friends and family sitting really close.
  5. All of the above reviewed air conditioners make excellent backup cooling systems for your home in case of an emergency. Both cooling and heating are essential if you need to be equipped for any eventuality.

Check Out Our Winner, The IceBreeze

We hope you have found our review helpful in selecting the perfect match for your next camping trip. If you have anything to add about these life saving little inventions, please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to visit our website when Summer draws to a close. We have an awesome range of Propane Tent Heaters, ready to deliver warmth at the click of a button.

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