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Cold weather camping doesn’t need to be an uncomfortable, bundled up experience. Imagine enjoying your next winter trip with the ability to feel your fingers and toes. Think of the warm and cozy night’s sleep and ample energy for the next day’s adventure. The solution is simple, a tent heater.

Our team of camping enthusiasts has taken the time to review some of the top propane tent heaters on the market today. We’re super impressed with the effectiveness of these products as well as the safety mechanisms the designers have put in place to prevent any possible accidents.

Battling the cold is a problem one frequently comes across when camping; even at the most unexpected times. A heater will have you warm and cosy in no time and is compact enough to take with on any camping trip without being a burden.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a camping heater, you’ve come to the right place. Take the guess work out of deciding which model to choose as we’ve got the top five listed below, just for you!

You’re just one click away from never having to battle the cold on a camping trip again. (Note that in all cases, the disposable propane fuel cylinders are NOT INCLUDED.)

Indoor Propane Heater Reviews

Buddy Heater for Tents


Looking to warm up a large tent? The Buddy Propane Heater is our first pick and can warm up a large area of up to 225 square feet.

It runs off a 1 lb. cylinder (not included) but can also be connected to an external 20 lb. gas cylinder. To do this, you would just need to pick up an additional hose and filter. It switches on easily with the turn of a knob and had an adjustable heat setting so you can turn the heat up or down.

The safety features are phenomenal. If knocked over, the pilot light switches off. It has an oxygen depletion sensor and again, will automatically switch off  if low oxygen levels are detected. We also love the top folding handle which makes it more compact for travelling.

If the device is moved, it switches off. This is purely for safety in case it gets knocked over. Simply keep it on a flat surface where it can’t be bumped accidentally.

If you are planning a winter trip and would like your tent or cabin to be comfortable and warm, this will be the perfect tool for the job. It will last you many years of camping trips and also makes a great backup for your home in case of emergencies. When the power goes out, it can be a life saver.

If you are planning to spend the night in a small boat or camper van, the “Buddy” will deliver the perfect temperature.

Big Buddy Portable Camping Heater


Looking for double the heat in half the time, the Big Buddy Portable Propane Heater comes with multiple heat settings as well as essential tent safety features. This impressive machine is the big brother of the Buddy heater reviewed above.

This little item covers a large area, comfortably warming a 450 square feet of space makes it fantastic as a backup (or primary) heater in any situation. Safethy features include the depleted oxygen sensor and automatic switch off if it falls over. Like itslittle brother above, it use 1 lb. cylinders (in this case, it uses two) and can connect to an external 20 lb. gas supply with the correct additional filter and hose. Ensure to use the approved parts from the manufacturer to ensure safe use and to maintain your warranty on the product.

Once the area is warmed up, you can reduce the heat setting to maintain the temperature. Two, 1 lb. canister will last about 2 hours on high, 4 hours on the medium setting and about 8 hours on low.

Batteries are needed in order to operate the built in fan. Should they run flat, the heater still performs perfectly. The batteries in no way effect the running or igniting of the product.

If you are camping with a large 12 person tent or perhaps have a cabin or patio that needs heating, this will be your go to guy. This is ideal if you need to warm up a larger area quickly.

Little Buddy


Our number 3 selection is the Little Buddy which offers a continuous odor-free heat for up to 5-1/2 hours. It uses dispensable 1-pound propane cylinders and has easy to use on/off buttons.

This little beast is really small and just right for solo or couples camping. It warms an area of up to 95 square feet and runs so silently. It takes up very little space and for such a compact design, includes all the safety features of the tow larger products above.

Due to its compact size, it’s suited for small indoor spaces and does not work well outdoors. To enjoy its maximum benefits, switch it on inside your tent and you will be warm in no time at all. You may also find the igniter a little stiff but this ensure it is not accidentally lit and safe if accessible by children.

If you love camping all year round and don’t want the cold to be a factor, this little performer is ideal. It supplies the perfect amount of heat to warm you up in a small to medium sized tent or even heat up the space a hunting hide-out or camper van.

Camping Heater and Cooker


If you want to do more than warm up, there is the Outdoor Heater and Cooker.

We are extremely impressed with the dual action of this product! Not only is it a suitable cooker which can be used in a tent (make sure it is well ventilated) or outdoors, it also provides excellent heat. We just love the versatility of this perfect camping companion.

There are a few extra accessories available which will add to the overall versatility of the product.

You will love this all round performer if you camp frequently but want to keep your gear to a minimum.

Texsport Portable Outdoor & Movable


The Texsport Portable Outdoor uses a durable stainless steel burner as well as a large paddlefoot plastic base for improved stability. It is easy to transport and comes with built in tip over safety features.

Because of the added stability, it can also be used in moving vehicles like golf carts.

It is not meant for indoor use but will answer your prayers to warm up whilst doing outdoor activities such as game watching or enjoying an outdoor patio.

This is for you if you need warmth while “on the go”. If you love to camp under the stars or camping in areas where no camp fires are allowed, this product will suit your needs perfectly. It’s also well suited to setup on rugged terrain, making it ideal for wilder locations.

The first 4 items reviewed above are made by the awesome team at Mr. Heater. They have without a doubt created a comprehensive and quality range to suit a variety of specific needs. They have a long list of happy customers and we are confident that you will be overjoyed with any one of their awesome products.

Product Videos

#1 The Buddy (For medium sized tents)

#2 Bug Buddy (For Larger Tents and Outdoors)

# 3 Little Buddy (For Small Tents)

Tips to Help You Keep Warm While Camping

1.Wear Warm & Dry Socks

Damp clothing can quickly become ice cold. If your socks are damp from hiking conditions or sweat, put on a fresh pair before getting into your sleeping bag to ensure you do not loose unnecessary heat.

2. Wear a Knitted Hat or Balaclava

A large amount of heat is lost through the head so wearing a beanie or balaclava will keep your body temperature more constant. Avoid putting your head in your sleeping bag as the condensation from your breathing will cause damp, which ultimately will have you feeling colder. Check out our Balaclava page for a wide range of snug options.

3. Bundle Up In Layers

If you warm up when you sleep and start to sweat, the moisture will turn to cold. Layers allow you to remove clothing to regulate your temperature.

4. Use a Sleeping Pad

Sleeping pads create a layer of insulation and can be used on top of an air mattress. The air inside the air mattress becomes cold so a sleeping pad is the perfect barrier to ensure you stay warm and comfortable.

5. Use the Right Sleeping Bag & Liner

Make sure you choose a good quality sleeping bag rated for zero degrees. This will ensure it is suited for cold weather conditions. Fleece sleeping bag liners can increase the temperature rating of your sleeping bag by up to 10 degrees.

6. Use a Mylar Thermal Blanket

If you attach a mylar thermal blanket across the top of the inside of your tent, the heat generated inside the tent will reflect back onto you. This is also an excellent way to keep the heat inside from escaping. If using a heater, this will also optimize the heat created so you will save on fuel and be warmer for longer.

7. Use a Propane Tent Heater

We recommend heating the tent before you go to sleep and again in the mornings. For safety reasons, switch it off when you are sleeping to avoid any accidents.

8. Body Heat

If camping with your partner, cuddle up close, body heat will keep your warm and comfortable throughout the night.

9. Warm Rocks in the Fire

You can wrap warm rocks from your fire inside a towel. Keep them next to you or even inside your sleeping bag. They retain their heat for hours so will have you dosing off in comfort.

10. Zippo Hand Warmer

We just love this little gadget available on Amazon. You know what they say, warm hands, warm heart. This gem is great and comes in 2 sizes, the 6hr hand warmer and the 12hr hand warmer. It’s safe so you can keep it close and light it up when you need a little extra warmth.


We hope this review helps you plan your next winter adventure. Send us feedback on your favorite, we love to hear back from you. When Summer arrives, be sure to visit our Tent Air Conditioner page to stock up on the right gear.

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