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Instead of awkwardly struggling to cover your seriously un-tanned butt from petrified onlookers, a pop-up toilet tent can instantly create a personal space for complete privacy. It serves perfectly as a shower tent and a changing room on camping trips, beach days, fashion events and on-location photo shoots too.

You can create a pop-up toilet in seconds to answer nature’s call while listening to two brown bears arguing over who gets to eat your lunch. (Along with the tent, we suggest grabbing a camping toilet seat and some waste bags too.)

There are a few great quality privacy tents but, unfortunately, among the fantastic options, there are some that are less stable, a little see-through and all-round poor quality.

We took it upon ourselves to carefully look at the strengths and weaknesses of the very best camping options available online today. Here is our conclusion.

Our Favorite Toilet Tent!

toilet tent

The WolfWise Pop-up Changing Room

Note: They recently change their name from Leapair to WolfWise.

The Nylon/Polyester Changing Tent is firmer than any other model available. That means your camping toilet will withstand the strongest breeze and won’t flop over, even in undesirable conditions.

It’s the tallest and widest size available! This allows the most moving around area for a changing room setup. It is also the best quality option and has the most useful features.


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  • Height: 6.25 feet (The tallest on this list)
  • Floor area: 47 x 47 inches (The Widest on this list)

 Available Colors

There are 3 colors available (Green, Camo and Blue), which allows the tent to look right at home, whether in the wild or backstage at an outdoor fashion show.


Tent Top Configuration

The roof can be left open or closed, thanks to a detachable “rain fly”. This makes it possible to use the dressing tent on hot days as well as in rainy conditions. There’s even a handy mesh net that covers the opening when the rain fly is not in use.


Optional Floor Mat

The extra removable floor mat is perfect for protecting exposed feet from the ground while changing clothes but when removed, also allows for the privacy when used as a pop up shower if needed.

Zip Up Windows

toilet tent windowIn the latest model, there are 2 zip-up windows that can be opened from the inside only, for communicating with someone outside while dressing or simply allowing some cooler air in on a hot day.

Note: We found that leaving both the window and the roof open simultaneously, allowed for the best ventilation on a hot day. Warm air automatically rises out from the roof (like a chimney) which “draws” cooler air in through the window.

Material Quality

When “popped” open, the sides are smoothly taut.

Additionally, the material is also UV protected which ensures that harsh sunlight is deflected while you’re inside doing your thing.

The silver lining makes the material more opaque. The only way you’ll see through the tent is if you are standing directly in line with the sun and the shadow of a silhouette projects onto the inside wall. Other than that, it’s very hard to see what’s going on inside.

Storage Pouch & Hanging Rope


There’s a great little storage bag at eye level where you can store you phone or wallet while getting changed.

A nice added feature is the hang rope where you can hang clothes while you’re getting dresses. This is mostly for light items of clothing like a swimsuit or a light towel.

Best Features

  • Large Size
  • Detachable Roof
  • Removable Floor Mat
  • 2 Windows
  • Hanging Rope and Sunglass Pouch
  • UV Protection

Our Final Verdict & Why You Should Buy It

We just love it. The quality is awesome and the WolfWise customer service is great, so if you find yourself unhappy with the quality in any way, you can contact them without hesitation.

Best Value for Money Pop Up Dressing Room


King Camp Dressing Tent

The King Camp Pop Up Privacy Tent costs about 35% less than the Leapair but has practically the same size and material quality. This makes it incredibly good value for money.

The construction is stable and the zip door that opens sideways is easy to open and close. Oxford Fabric with polyurethane coating creates a moisture barrier keeping the tent dry in wet conditions.


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  • Height: 6.2 feet (The 2nd Tallest on the list)
  • Floor area: 47 x 47 inches (Just as wide as the Widest on this list)

Tent Roof Configuration

The large top opening allows for great ventilation and can also be covered by a tent fly which attaches very easily. There is no mesh covering (like with the Leapair) but this makes it perfect for setting up an outdoor shower tent where the shower head is raised above the tent.

Additionally, if you’re a little taller, your head can extend slightly past the top without lifting up the tent.

Sealed Window Design

There is a single window which remains covered by a fixed clear film when the “curtain” flap is rolled up on the inside. This is not as graceful as the Leapair but does the trick just fine. Unfortunately it does not allow for better ventilation.

Best Features

  • Sturdy Design
  • It’s just about as large as the Leapair but costs about 40% less!
  • We love that the large open top allows for a customized outdoor shower tent setup
  • Velcro Detachable Floor

Good Straightforward Privacy Tent


TMS Toilet Tent

The TMS Pop-up Camping Toilet Tent has no windows, the roof is closed and the floor is open. It’s that simple.

It has no bells and whistles and the price is perfectly average. For the person who prefers not to fuss, this is the one.

There have been some complaints about the zip running of its rails so perhaps just be aware of that.


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  • Height: 6.2 feet (The 2nd tallest on this list)
  • Floor area: 40 x 40 inches (A slightly snug fit)

Overall Comments About the Design

The best thing that can be said for the TMS is that its a simple and private layout.

There’s no chance of anyone catching a glimpse through a window that was accidentally left open. Additionally, it’s impossible to see into the top so there’s absolutely no chance of peeping toms taking a peek, even the craftier ones in trees. (yolo)

Best Features

  • The simple windowless design (if that’s your thing)
  • The closed no-fuss roof for privacy

Our Final Verdict

We would definitely rather upgrade to the Leapair or the King Camp before buying this. Unless you absolutely love the featureless design, we suggest spend a tiny bit extra for improved quality and better ventilation.

Simple Cheap Dressing Tent


GigaTent Pod

The GigaTent Pod is not quite as strong as the others but at the lowest price it’s a good deal.

If you want a simple, low budget solution for changing clothes or setting up a toilet tent for camping, the GigaTent is perfect.

(Please Note: It stands only 5.75 feet tall and is quite small)


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Available Color

It’s bright green. You won’t win any coolest campsite awards, but it works perfectly.


  • Height: 5.75 feet (Shortest on the list!)
  • Floor area: 36 x 36 inches (Tiny)

General Design Info

It does not come with a floor mat so you may need to add your own if you want to avoid stepping on stones or dirt. Fortunately this isn’t always necessary on softer grass or when being used as toilet tent or shower.

Best Features

  • The Price

Here’s Our Final Verdict

It is quite small and you may feel a little cramped. This applies especially when used as a pop up changing room or shower.

The zipper construction isn’t great and won’t withstand vigorous use.

Given the cost, it’s a simple solution that does it’s job just fine. Don’t expect too much.

Fashion Changing Tent


The EP Instant Dressing Room

The EP Fashion Changing Tent is completely open at the top and does not taper as much as all the other options.

This means that a person of any size will fit perfectly. (Even if it meant that your head popped out the top).

Given the design it’s really meant more for a fashion setup than a camping one.


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  • Height: 6.3 feet (Tallest option with a large open top for the super talls)
  • Floor area: 40 x 40 inches


Since this product is designed for photo shoots and other “dressing room” scenarios, you’ll find it not quite as stable as the true outdoor dressing rooms. That being said, it has a huge benefit of being wide at the top which allows for free movement while changing clothes.

The top is completely open which makes communication with a model very easy.

The door opens all the way to the top making getting in and out a cinch.

There are tent peg loops (incl. the pegs themselves) for outdoor conditions and handy pockets at the base which can be filled up with sand or other general items for stability.

The Silver Lining

The silver inner lining creates a near 100% opaque screen even in bright sunlight conditions.

Best Features

  • The large open top
  • The Silver inner lining
  • The Door opens right to the top

Our Final Verdict

A photographer needing a quick changing tent solution for a photoshoot will love this model. It does not have the toughness needed to really shine in a camping environment so we would steer clear of buying this if you want to take it deep into the wild. It is absolutely perfect for indoor studios and photoshoots.

Benefits of a Pop Up Privacy Tent

Reduced Weight

These changing tents are infinitely lighter than the fixed rod counterparts. It’s the perfect solution for lightweight camping.

You can expect a good quality tent to weigh less than 4.5 lbs without losing strength and rigidity, even in windier conditions.

Ease of setup

Assembly takes mere seconds. With a simple twist, the pop up dressing room literally unfolds by itself. The only active part you’ll need to play is selecting the right spot, and then fixing the tent pegs to the ground. (Only necessary in windy conditions)

This is easily done on softer ground by simply stepping on down on the peg. You can use a hammer in harder ground. Some changing tents have small pockets at the base which allow for sand to be poured in and weighted down.

Either way, with the “pop up” technology, setup is done and dusted before you know it, leaving you more time to enjoy the camping in the great outdoors (or getting on with the photo-shoot)

How to Fold a Pop Up Changing Room

At first this might seem a little tricky but once you get the hang of it, this takes only a few seconds to dismantle and another few to pack away neatly into the provided carry bag.

Check out this great video and definitely practice this before you go camping.

More Product Videos

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#3 – TMS Portable Toilet Tent Video

#4 – GigaTent Pod

Wrapping Up

We really enjoyed every minute of research and testing of these camping toilet tents. The practicality and all round usefulness cannot be overstated. Whether you’re looking for a tent that gives you the peace and privacy you need to go number 2 in the back country or need a quick and easy dressing room solution for an sizzling photoshoot in a busy public place.

We have taken the greatest care possible to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date. Hopefully you love the product you end up choosing just as much as we loved writing this article for you.

If you have any comments about this article, we’d love to hear them.

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  1. Looking for info on a toilet tent for wheelchair person. If needed on road, I could stop, get my wife out and have a quick place to let her go. Needs to be able to set up quick and easy. Could even be let down over her if there is not a floor. Obviously I would have to set her toilet chair on the ground. Get her on it: put the tent over her: then help her get her pants down and sit back on the chair to do her thing. Lift it off when finished and transfer back to her wheelchair and then back into the car. Sounds easy, but takes some work. Better ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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