This is Why Outdoorsy People Make Better Friends


There are two types of people: those who buy a new outfit and rush to the mall for the weekends and those who put on their dirty boots and rush to the closest remote area for the weekends. The latter are usually called outdoorsy people, with a mix of awe and general admiration for them. After all, outdoorsy people are the most adventurous persons on this planet, right?

Regardless if they are the most adventurous, they do risk a lot more than indoor persons and they live unique experiences in the nature, which make them better friends. The high of conquering a mountain peak or living disconnected for two days, in a tent, change the way a person perceives life. Here are ten of the multiple reasons outdoorsy people make better friends.

They are Happier

Waking up in the middle of the woods, listening to the bird’s songs and breathing in fresh air is definitely going to make anyone a happy person. Which explains why outdoorsy people are happier. They are free-spirited, independent, positive individuals, less likely to suffer from stress-related illnesses. Studies conducted on outdoor enthusiasts proved that spending time in the nature makes you happier, so it’s a scientific fact. Their enthusiasm is definitely contagious, pretty much like their big smiles, so you can’t stay sad next to your outdoorsy friend.

They Know How to Appreciate the Little Things


Spending time in the nature comes with a lot of compromises. For example, you might have to wear the same pair of socks for two days. Or, you might give up on your morning coffee. When you come home and get back all the things you’ve missed in your outdoor adventure, you learn to appreciate them more. Moreover, nature itself teaches people to value little things. Silence, bird’s songs and the bright green color of a forest are all valuable for an outdoorsy person, while most people tend to overlook them.

They Have Lots of Stories to Tell


Spending your free time in the nature, hiking or kayaking, gives you many things to talk about. Outdoorsy people have a lot of stories to tell, some funny, some sad and some horror, but all of them true! This makes them interesting persons and everyone wants to have such a friend.

They are More Confident


Spending time in the nature allows you to think about your own life and your own person. Outdoorsy people have a lot of time of self-reflection, which makes them very self-aware. This enables them to identify their faults and work on them. Another important benefit of spending a lot of time outdoors is the fact you will push yourself to the limit. Over and over again. One day you hike for 20 miles, the next day you aim to hike for 30 miles. And so on, because it feels great to push your limits and see what you’re made of. After you did this several times you gain confidence. You know you are capable of amazing things, which makes you a great friend to have around.

They Value Experiences Over  Money


Outdoorsy people value experiences, so they will value the quality time spent with their friends more than any other person. They don’t care about money and material possessions as much as they care about living the moment. They care about gathering long lasting memories, which they are going to cherish for years to come. Spending time with an outdoorsy person will give you amazing things to talk about, even if everything you did was cooking marshmallows in front of a backyard fire.

They are More Empathetic


A weekend in the nature rarely comes out as planned, due to all the dynamic factors involved in this equation. Outdoorsy people are more understanding and have more empathy, as they know things can change in the blink of an eye. One moment everything is sunshine, next it’s raining cats and dogs. In a relationship, an outdoor person is flexible and knows how to do the best out of each situation, no matter how grim.

They are Good Listeners


Spending time alone, in the nature teaches you to listen. This is very important for any relationship and outdoor enthusiasts are great listeners, which also makes them great friends.

They are Mindful


When you love the outdoors you also learn how to protect it. This mindfulness gives outdoorsy people a strong desire to protect the environment. Using the available resources in a wise way is useful in both spending a weekend in the nature and in daily life. When it comes to relationships, outdoor enthusiasts protect them, respect them and nurture them. The friendship with such a person is going to last, as they know it takes time and work to build something and develop it into something better, greater.

They Make Great Travel Buddies


Traveling with your outdoorsy friend is one of the best ways to get to know the world. They develop a sort of internal GPS system, which allows them to find their path at all times. They can live disconnected, away from the keyboard, for weeks on end and they are always excited to dive into last-minute trips. Because they know how to be independent and how to get the best out of every situation, traveling with an outdoorsy person is going to be an amazing experience.

They are Healthier

Spending time in the nature makes you strong and healthy. In order to be able to enjoy the outdoors you have to take care of your health, which is something outdoorsy people are experts at. Studies proved that spending time in the nature boosts brain function, reduces stress and increases the levels of vitamin D, all of which are essentials for a healthy living.

All the physical activity promotes weight loss and muscle development, so your friend will always have a toned body. Join them and you will soon be just as fit and healthy.

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