Best Military Folding Shovel for Dirt or Snow


Unless wielding a heavy shovel is part of your workout routine, you are wasting precious time and energy. Traditional designs are generally heavy and cumbersome. When you’re out in the wild, you never know when you may need to dig your way through a tricky situation and the last thing you need is an over sized, overweight, tool dragging you down.

Enter the military folding shovel… no more massive and awkward gear. They come in various sizes with some weighing under as little as 1 pound. This makes it perfect for an outdoors man who needs to take a digging tool on his next adventure.

The really small ones even fit neatly into a rucksack and you’ll hardly notice the extra weight.

Our team has reviewed the best products according to size, weight and affordability. We’ve “dug down deep” to find them, leaving you with the top 5 list available right now. Take a look.

SOG Carbon Steel


Topping our list is the SOG Entrenching Tool. It’s all steel construction makes it hardy and versatile. It is ultra-compact, weighing just 24.5 ounces and is 18.25 inches in length. It’s unique futuristic style has gained the company worldwide recognition. SOG tools are known for their flawless performance in even the harshest environments.

We love the sleek design. It is made of high carbon steel and the triangular handle is comfortable in either hand. The blade can rotate to 90 degrees or 180 degrees and can be used either as a hoe or straight pick respectively.

The carbon construction makes it particularly lightweight, best used on softer surfaces. The lightness of this product is the best feature and works particularly well for gardening and basic digging.

The SOG entrenching tool is perfect if you are looking for an ultra compact, ultra light shovel. Great for hiking or around the garden

US GI Entrenching Shovel


The US GI Military Original Issue E- Tool entrenching tool is super heavy-duty and very compact. These are literally made for military use and you can see that in the design and workmanship. They are incredibly durable and will last you a lifetime.

You can dig pretty much anywhere and dig up anything with one of these beauties. There is no chance of it bending, falling apart or breaking.  It can be used as an axe, saw, shovel or mattock.  It folds to 9″ and can extend up to 24″. The threaded handle allows you to lock the blade in two positions.

A little on the pricey side, they can put quite a dent in your bank balance but you are paying for superior quality. This entrenching tool will most likely be the only one you will ever buy.

If you need a serious excavator, this is exactly what you need! If you require a tool to do some major shoveling but have limited space this is for you.

Compact Military Multitool


At number three we have selected the FiveJoy Compact Military Folding Spade.

This strong, carbon steel, lightweight and portable multi-tool offers a huge variety of functionality that makes this an everyday essential. If you are hiking, camping or carrying it in the trunk of your car in your day to day life, you never know what situation may call upon this handy gadget.

This heavy duty tool is designed as a tactical entrenching tool for camping, backpacking, gardening, snow and emergency survival but there is almost no end to the uses of this multi functional device.

Whether you need to dig, hunt, pick, hammer, sharpen an axe, saw and cut, this tool is the solution. And as if that is not more than enough, it has a rescue knife, paracord, fire starter and emergency whistle.

You may never use all the functions this tool has to offer but you sure will be well equipped for anything.

Specific tools designed for specific purposes may perform better than some tools included in the multi-tool but for the incredible weight saving and access to essential tools when away from your tool box, we challenge you to find better.

This is the perfect companion for any backpacking adventure. If you like to be prepared for both the run of the mill camp site chores as well as any emergency situations. It you want a lightweight, multi-tool attached to your belt for quick, convenient access, you are going to love this beautiful piece.

Folding Spade with Pick


The Fobachi Multi-functional with pick comes in at number 3 and can do just about anything – dig, saw, chop, cut… it even opens bottles. You name it this bad boy does it.

It’s perfect for all outdoor activities and is super light. Take it to the beach, on a hike or even into the snow.

It folds up twice to an extra small size. When unfolded it measures only 19” , but don’t be fooled by the size, this entrenching tool is very strong and robust. It comes with a handy carry pouch that can attach to your belt or backpack.  It is made of solid tempered forged steel and has a serrated edge on one side of the blade which is handy for sawing off any lightweight branches in your way.

The carbon coating is prone to rust but the carbon itself is what makes it so strong and impressive. Keep it clean and rust free and you will be very happy with your purchase for years to come.

This is the perfect tool for you if you are looking for an all round performer. This is the perfect tool for you to take camping or keep handy around the house.  It can be used for pretty much everything to do with digging, shoveling, getting rubble out of the way or even build a sandcastle. This implement is up for any challenge.

Folding Entrenching Multitool


Finally, we have the Pagreberya Compact Outdoor tool is one impressive and versatile tool. To call it a shovel is accurate but descriptively incomplete.

This is a mind blowing multi-tool, including a knife, fire starter, compass, bottle or can opener, whistle, wrench and the list goes on to count over 30 functions.

Should you be faced with an emergency where a survival axe, entrenching tool, snow shovel or even a self-defense weapon is needed, you will have the perfect device.

Made of quality, high carbon steel and aviation aluminium alloy, this brilliant design allows you to adjust the angle of the spade so it can work just as well as a hoe and the slip proof handle will have you completing any task easily without losing grip.

The tool disassembles allowing it to be stored in a neat and compact camo carry case. Assembled, it’s 21″ long and the spade is 5.8″ wide.

This serious tool will undoubtedly attract attention, especially the attention of gadget loving individuals. Be sure if children are using it that they have supervision as this sharp, effective device can cause harm if mishandled.

This is the ideal all round tool if you enjoy exploring off trail in the wilderness. If you like to be prepared for any situation, having this tool in your backpack or even just your car.

Wrapping Up

These portable, compact tools are a must have for any outdoor activity and are even great to just have around the house for garden work. They take up minimal space and offer maximum utility. These products can range from very basic with no frills to serious excavators boasting additions like fire starters, knives and compasses.

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Top 10 Uses for a Folding Shovel

  • If your vehicle gets stuck in the mud or goes off the road you can shovel dirt under the tires to get it up and running again.
  • It can be used to chop wood for a fire and branches for kindle.
  • Dig a foxhole to keep warm and/ or hidden from predators.
  • Dig a trench around your shelter to protect you from adverse weather conditions.
  • Fold your shovel to 90 degrees and use as a pick axe to break through ice and snow.
  • Dig an outdoor lavatory near your campsite.
  • Perfect for foraging for food inland or even on the beach.
  • Use as a multi-purpose gardening tool.
  • Use to spread coals around the fire.
  • The handle can even be used as a Toilet Paper holder!

We hope you have found our review. Please leave any comments below; we always appreciate your feedback.

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