The 5 Best Lightweight 2 Man Tents of 2019

lightweight 2 man tent

We checked out the best lightweight 2 man tents to help you choose your next camping home away from home.

Whether you’re an avid hiker or just enjoy the outdoors there is nothing better than a lighter load to lug around. Trekking up a treacherous mountain with your GPS watch or walking to a serene lake could potentially take hours, even days and the last thing you want is to be slowed down by dead weight. The answer is an ultra lightweight tent!

A heavier, traditional 2 man tent usually has two layers of material, a vented layer covered by a waterproof tent fly, which can easily weigh up to 8 lbs. A modern lightweight tent only weighs around 3 lbs! That’s more than 50% reduction in weight! Your back will thank you.

The only small consideration is that a lightweight tent usually has a single waterproof layer which offers a little less insulation on colder hikes than the heavier tents. We think the massive decrease in weight makes it very worthwhile.

Best Trek Tents

Alpika Sport Ultra Lightweight 2 Man Tent

alpika sport ultra lightweight 2 man tent

This stylish, modern tent is definitely our favourite and at 3.2 lbs you just can’t go wrong! It even has a waterproof cover that’s light as a feather. Unlike the cheaper options you can use this through all four seasons with no trouble. It’s super durable and comfortable.

The flooring is made from silicon coated nylon which is perfect for keeping any dampness off your tired body. Its sleek design makes set up so easy, it seriously won’t take longer than 15 minutes and you will be ready to settle down next to the fire and enjoy your destination. When packed, the 17’ Length & 5’ Diameter is compatible with basically any back pack.

The large doors are great, making access to your sleeping spot incredibly effortless. The transparent vented sides are particularly appealing, no more feeling claustrophobic – all you need to do is pull the outer layer back and you will have an almost panoramic view.

It costs a little more than the other lightweight 2 man tents but given the weight, the open design and the quality, it’s totally worth it.

 Mountain Trails Current Hiker

mountain trails current hiker tent

Mountain Trails current Hiker, entry level tent is great for a basic hike or meander to your favorite spot.

This Cedar Brook is not recommended for a very rocky, high-lying area and is best suited to drier conditions. If you were to take it on a trip where you know it will be raining it wouldn’t hurt to give the tent a spray with some water-proofing or take a tarp with for some extra protection.

With a floor area of 28 feet this is a very compact little abode, perhaps a bit too small for some. It has two windows and a door which provides great ventilation and light.

It weighs 3.5 lbs and has a “Stow and Go” system, which keeps the tent and its poles in one convenient bag instead of multiple stuff sacks.

Best of both worlds with a tiny rain fly that covers just the top. This tent rolls up about 2 feet tall and about 4 inches in diameter. For a very affordable, lightweight tent this is definitely the way to go.

 Pop Up Tent by Survival Hax

lightweight popup 2 man tent

It really doesn’t get much easier than the pop up tent by Survival Hax. You literally throw the rolled up 3.55 lbs tent in the air and it almost magically opens up and lands on the ground, ready to use! Sometimes this nifty exercise impresses me more than the other features *throws tent up in the air for hours*

If pitching a tent really isn’t your thing (we all know it’s about as much fun as standing on a porcupine) then this is the best choice for you.

This pop up tent really is a goodie. It’s very lightweight and is a decent size ( 6.5 x 6.5ft ) which could actually house 3 adults, it may be a bit of a tight squeeze but can be done. A cool feature is the front and back door which allows you to appreciate the view from either side or let the breeze flow through if you’re feeling hot. The tent is made from waterproof taffeta and the bottom is waterproof Oxford material. It comes with 4 stakes and a tether which keeps it from moving around or blowing away.

Carrying it is a cinch, too – there are two straps on the casing which allows you to strap it on your back and carry it around like a backpack, it does make you a little wider so be careful if walking along any narrow paths.

 Semoo 2 Person Lightweight Tent

semoo 2 person lightweight tent

The roomier Semoo 2-person tent has two separate sections and is pretty much a polyester home away from home. The added privacy is definitely a bonus if you prefer your own space. It even has handy little storage pockets inside to store your daily necessities.

This tent is durable and rugged. It is made from high-density, rip-stop polyester material and a tough polyethylene floor that will keep you sheltered and dry throughout almost any weather conditions.

It boasts a D-style door with 2 zipped sections, one to close the netting so it is sealed from any insects and another to completely stop air flow and keep you warm. On the inside there is an area to sleep in and an area to store your backpack or sit under and be protected from the rain, almost like a little porch.

If figuring out how to pitch tents isn’t your forte or you have a tendency to lose things, don’t worry – Semoo has cleverly sewn the instructions on the inside of the tent so you can’t go wrong or misplace any loose sheets of papers.

At 7 lbs it’s the heaviest on the list but the size/weight ratio is amazing. You could even fit your canine friend and his backpack in too.

 Happy Camper Tent by Wakeman

happy camper lightweight 2 person tent

Ok, so it’s not the best looking option on the list but the price is almost as lightweight as the tent!

Turn a blind eye to the colour scheme and you will find yourself very impressed with this little money saver. The quality is excellent.

Though not recommended for extreme hikes, it’s compact, convenient and relatively lightweight (4.93 lbs). It’s a perfectly standard tent that will satisfy all your basic hiking needs. As the name suggests, you certainly will be a happy camper if you use it in an “easy” environment.

Made in the USA, this nylon tent is known for its simple set up. The two durable metal-tipped fiberglass poles are easy to insert and keep your tent sturdy and upright. You can set this little guy up in under 10 minutes. Although not the most robust bottom, the flooring is made of waterproof nylon to keep you nice and dry, but take a camping mattress along for some extra comfort. Another plus is that it packs super small, so no worrying about space when carrying it around.

The blue color option also keeps the space inside nice and cool on those hot summer days. If you need some extra aeration there is a nifty vented roof to make up for the lack of windows, as well as a rain fly if you are caught in a downpour.

Honerable Mention – EzyOutdoor Pop-Up Tent

eazyoutdoor instant popup tent

This lightweight pop-up 2 man tent folds neatly into a circular 28″ bag similar to a sun visor. It pops up in seconds and is sturdy enough for light windy conditions. The ground surface is 88.5 ” X 47.5″ and the height is 37.4″.

You’ll probably need a little practice to fold it away but once you get it, its really easy. The material is sun-protected, waterproof polyester and this nifty little option is great for the more casual hiker. (Also see the great pop-up changing room tent options on this website, used as camping toilets and shower tents.)

Additional Tips for Choosing Your Ultra Lightweight Tent

Before heading out into the great outdoors it’s a good idea to set up your tent at home first. The last thing you want is to be struggling to set up your shelter in the dead of night in unusual surroundings.

Considerations when buying you lightweight 2 man tent

Size and Capacity

Not only how many people need to fit inside but also whether or not you like a tight squeeze or prefer some room to move around.

Tent Weight

Thankfully the tents on this list are some of the lightest tents available today!


How will the tent fare in various weather conditions? Some tents offer less insulation and are definitely only meant for warm summer evenings while others can protect you against harsh, cold weather as well.

Single or Double Layer

Another key part of insulation is whether or not the tent has 2 layers or 1.

For a normal 2 layer tent the inner, vented layer is covered by the outer waterproof  layer whereas, with ultralight tents, to save weight, a single waterproof layer is used. This is lighter but offers a little less insulation.


Comfort and convenience based on design and features like door entry design, window visibility, hanging pockets for storage, etc.

Freestanding or Non-freestanding

There are two types of tents, freestanding and non- freestanding. A freestanding tent is one that stands without using stakes, which makes setup faster and makes a tent easy to re-position. Most tents these days are freestanding for this reason. Although non-freestanding tents are sometimes lighter because the pole structure doesn’t have to be as strong.

We hope this review has helped you choose the best tent for your next adventure. Get those hiking boots on!


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