Hiking the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve


With over 600 hectares of space, the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve is the perfect hiking destination for Joburg folks who want to escape to nature without “leaving the city”. Located a mere 25 minutes from the centre of town, hikers can enjoy several hiking trails that traverse along Bloubos Spruit stream in the middle of the reserve.


You might even see Zebra and Black Wildebeest along the panoramic trails. If you follow the trails all the way up, you’ll finally reach the “Silent Pool”, a clear rock pool where you can enjoy swimming in nature.


One can easily forget your proximity to the nearby hustle and bustle of the city. Other hikers occasionally cross your path and it’s always a very friendly encounter.


The trails often cross over the Bloubos Spruit, which is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. The stream has natural rocks on its banks which makes it easy to get access.


Take off your shoes and dip your feet into the cool stream.


Enjoy some swimming, but stay courteous and considerate of other hikers. If you want to, you can pack a lightweight backpacking chair for a quick rest.


An elevated water pipe stretches across the main valley and can also be access along your route for a slightly different perspective.



In the mid 1800’s the farm was used by Sarel Marais for Peach farming. You can hike right up to the farmhouse and bear witness to the ruins that once housed this legendary family. The land was later bought by the Quilliam family.


Historical info is readily available on information boards.


One can easily envision the surprisingly modern life, these families lived so long ago. The building have been upgraded over the decades and the stone-built walls mark their remembrance to this day.


To this day, the views from the main house are something to envy. Could they have predicted the growth that the city was going to have over the coming 150 years?


Various portions of the buildings have unfortunately fallen down but the foundations are clearly visible.



Other Points of Interest

Besides the main house, many little buildings are scattered along the routes. Mark your points of interest with a hiking watch that has built in GPS.


A traditional Rodavel (round hut with thatched roof) can be seen on one of the koppies (hills).


There are also picnic huts where you can enjoy some well deserved shade.


The local life is spectacular and abundant. You won’t walk far before coming across some magnificent insects.


This is the colorful Bush Locust which can only be described as  the most beautiful locust you’ve ever seen.


They are very easy to approach and will not depart unless seriously disturbed. Perfect for macro photography.


The incredible Death Skull Caterpillar looks like it belongs on an entirely different planet.


Once again, an outdoor photographer’s dream.



The highvels is known for pale green and brown colors with magnificently colored flowers that dot the scene.


The Reserve has made a special effort the ensure that no invasive species have entered the eco-system.



If you’re in need of an outing but only have a few hours to spare. Take a drive out towards Mondeor/Kibler Park and enjoy this special gem with it’s 9 amazing hiking trails.


Additional information is available by contacting 084 804 4073.

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