How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Everest?


Mount Everest is one of the icons of the exploratory world, a mountain of mystery and fame that has been conquered by many but has also claimed many lives.

It is on the bucket list of most serious and aspiring mountaineers and climbers. To climb Mount Everest takes a lot of training, forethought and planning, you need to have the stamina and willpower to conquer the mountain otherwise you will be left disappointed.

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions regarding preparations and planning for the mountain.

How to Get There


There are usually two routes to get to the mountain. You can take the 7 hour drive from Kathmandu in Nepal or via the more popular route from Lhasa in Tibet. More info.

How Long Does it Take to Reach the Summit?


The time it takes to climb Mount Everest is dependent on various factors including the route used, current weather conditions, your own fitness levels and the time it takes to acclimatise to the thin high altitude air.

A good average time is two months from start to reach the summit. This includes acclimatizing at the various stages like Icefall, Camps 1-4 and then the Summit. Here’s a great resource.

How many miles to the summit?

The south ridge route is 12.5 miles; the northeast ridge route is 22.75 miles.  Then you have 50 miles on trekking approach.

How High is the Summit of Mount Everest?

A total of 20,540 feet will be ascended from the base camp to the summit.

How Long Does it Take to Reach Everest Base Camp?


The average time spent trekking to base camp is usually around 20 days. There is an 8,000 feet elevation from Lukla to the Base camp, so depending on your acclimatisation to the sudden exposure of the thin air, give and take a few days either way.

How to Reach Base Camp?

There are two ways to reach base camp, either by trekking on foot or by helicopter flight. By foot, the trek usually starts at Lukla and can take around ten to twenty days to reach the base camp depending on the prevailing weather and also the amount of equipment that you are trekking. A helicopter trip is obviously fairly fast.

How Much Does it Cost to Get to Base Camp?

Most trekking packages that offer all the bells and whistles to get you to the base camp cost between 1,400 and 2,000 dollars. This will include accommodation, food and portage of luggage. These companies will also sort out the necessary permit you will need.

What Gear Do You Need to Hike Mt. Everest


To conquer Mt. Everest you will need to have your ducks in a row when it comes to quality equipment. No point in tackling this mountain if you are going to skimp on things like mountaineering gear and mountain clothing. If you’re planning to summit, you’ll need special gear like oxygen and ice climbing equipment too! Advanced guides can give you a full list.

Remember that you will likely not be comfortable at most times of this expedition, it’s raw and rugged and you should be prepared for the worst conditions at any time!

Best Time of the Year to Climb


The month of May offers the best window period for climbing Everest to the summit. June and July the weather may change because of the monsoon season, bringing heavy snowfalls to the higher lying ground and rains to the lower regions.

What Does it Take to Climb Mount Everest?


Mental preparation is key to a successful summit of Everest; naturally a high level of fitness and endurance is a necessity. But mental preparedness and willpower are crucial, the journey is tough and uncomfortable; and the morale can very quickly be soured by adverse events or by trauma on the trek.

Your fitness levels are very important and no climber or hiker who suffers from any heart or blood pressure related ailments should attempt the summit.

In fact going for check-ups and getting a clean bill of health from your doctor are par for the course before setting out on this incredible journey.

How Much Does it Cost?


This cost is totally dependent on the operator you are going to go with. Cost for a full package is between 40,000 and 50,000 dollars. This is a fully inclusive package including the services of Sherpas, food, accommodation and so on.

The cost of Sherpas is dependent on the operator they are employed by. But Sherpas make between 3,000 and 6,000 dollars per climbing season. Naturally gratuities are gladly accepted by the Sherpas for their tenacious spirit and helpfulness.

Food & Nutrition


Some of us may have visions of and vacuum-packed rations for a trek like this, but the truth is that the more real food you have to eat at higher altitudes, the better your body will perform. Foods like cheeses, canned salmon or tuna and nuts will stand you in good stead from a nutritional point of view.

You can’t afford to have poor nutrition on a trek of this nature, bear in mind that you will be burning loads of energy that needs to be replenished.

A Conclusion


There is a certain level of planning and preparation to be sure of before heading out. These are just a few of the basics, the operators who offer summit expeditions will make sure that you are aware of the finer details.

We hope that you enjoy planning your expedition and the wonderful adventure ahead.

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