GPS Hiking Watch with Built-In Heart Rate Monitor


The Garmin Fenix 3 HR is the best hiking watch with a built in heart rate monitor. It packs everything that you get from the Fenix 3 Sapphire into an outdoor watch that is also able to measure your heart rate directly from behind the watch face. It has the same Sapphire lens, works with the same GPS/GLONASS Satellite tracking system and features all of the powerful and rugged characteristics we love about the Fenix 3 Sapphire.

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Heart Rate Monitor

Let’s start off with the very reason you would buy the Fenix 3 HR: The Heart Rate Monitor.


The discreet sensor does not miss a beat and serves just as effectively as the older chest strap heart rate monitor.

Thanks to the technology of combining heart rate data with distance travelled the watch uses its “VO2 Max Estimator” to calculate extra factors like oxygen consumption, recovery time and estimated time of arrival (Race Time).

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GPS Navigation

Along with the altimeter barometer and compass, the Fexin 3 HR is brilliant at tracking your GPS position on your hike.

The watch has a omni directional EXO antenna which has incredible reception even in the most remote and hard-to-track areas.


Overall Design Quality

The Fenix 3 HR is light and tough, just like it’s Sapphire counterpart. There have been no complaints about the Heart Rate monitor failing to correctly measure heart rate while running or hiking outdoors.


Because of the sapphire technology, the screen is super resilient against scrapes and bumps. You can also add an additional screen protector if you think you’ll be roughing it in the wild.


As with most Smart Watches, the variety of Apps which allow for an incredible range of face designs leaves you with limitless options. Choose from a classic chrono-style face to a highly complex and data driven digital screen that focuses on your preferred activity.


Hiking Watch Band

This watch comes with a silicone band which is both lighter than the steel band of the Sapphire and more comfortable in the case of excessive perspiration.

Value for Money

The Garmin Fenix HR with heart rate monitor is definitely in the upper end of the Smart Hiking Watch price bracket. But if you have the budget, it’s worth every cent.

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