When Hiking Meets Ice Skating


What do you do when the world gives you lemons? Yes, you guessed it, you make lemonade. But what do you do when mother nature leaves your favorite hiking rail covered in slick, glassy ice? You put your ice skates on and enjoy the perfect conditions for downhill, single track Ice Skating.

At least, that’s what a group of adventure seekers has done in March this year, and it looked like a whole lot of fun. 5 adrenaline junkies chose a trail through the woods in Duluth, Minnesota, accompanied by their two canine buddies. Wearing helmets, they skated down the winding trail at an impressive speed, while the camera man, Andrew Kilness, captured the incredible footage.

Watch the video linked below to see what these skilled skaters got up to. You will love the entertaining footage, and stunts that occasionally lands them on their rear ends.

If you are looking for more than just caffeine to get your heart racing in the morning, we recommend this trail when the conditions are right. Beginners should rather wait for the ice to melt, but if you are a skater,  ice hockey player or someone with a similar skill set, get ready for a memorable morning outdoors.

Summer Hiking in Duluth

In summer, the hiking trails offer a scenic challenge. There are 2-6 miles of day-trails to explore on foot, or on the bikeways if you prefer to ride. Duluth is situated along the North Shore of Lake Superior and offers incredible views of the lake as well as cascading waterfalls, rocky hills and enchanting forests.

If you are not lucky enough to catch the trail in perfect skating condition, you will not be left disappointed. There are several access points with trails that reach the Northern Shore. Check out the Lake Superior Hiking Trail Association’s website for more information on the 300+ miles of trail.

Depending on the challenge you want, you can choose to enjoy a number of shorter day hikes or take on a multi-day backpacking trip that reaches as far as the Canadian border. Whichever you choose, just get there and experience it for yourself!

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