Helinox Accessories for Backpacking Enthusiasts


Purchasing one outdoor chair for multiple outdoor activities can be a bit annoying. Not every manufacture takes varying factors into consideration, leaving you frustrated when you get to a venue and your chair doesn’t give you comfort or worse, doesn’t work at all!

Helinox is a company that prides itself in innovative design in lightweight adventure and outdoor equipment; and they bring a whole menu of accessories to go with their fantastic chairs and other equipment.

Their “Chair One” is the Winner of our Best Backpacking Chair Review! Check it out.

Why have accessories for a chair?

So this weekend you have a camping trip over the mountains in a forest reserve, but next Friday you are spending the day with your neighbours at the beach. You’ve got your trusted Chair One from Helinox, which is super comfortable at the camp but on the beach it just sinks away into the sea sand!

With accessories, using your chair on the beach becomes a pleasure, the same comfort without that sinking feeling. Back at the campsite you realised that the evening chill makes things a bit breezy lower down and that your chair was no longer as comfy as you thought.

Check out these four great accessories that will turn your backpacking chair into a versatile seat that can be used almost anywhere.

Helinox Cup Holder


The Helinox Cup Holder is a useful addition to any of the Helinox range of outdoor chairs. Because of their lightweight designs, their chairs don’t have a built in cup holder, so having the option to add one or two of these to your chair is really awesome.

Let’s face it, whether you are at the beach, campsite or at an outdoor music concert; it’s not cool to leave your cold one on the ground because inevitably you end up knocking it over.

The cup holder is lightweight and is constructed from a collapsible mesh material with a stretchy fabric top that keeps your drink secure. The mesh construction allows the cup holder to be folded and stored with minimal space, making it ideal for hikers or campers who are space conscious.

The swivel clip attaches easily to any area on the chair, making it easy to pick the perfect spot on the chair to store your cold one and as a bonus you can add more than one to your chair.

Helinox Ball Feet


The Helinox Ball Feet will stop your chair from sinking into soft ground and will also stop your chair from slipping on smooth surfaces.

The balls are manufactured from a good quality silicone and each ball slips over the feet of any Helinox chair with ease.

These round devices are ideal for those times when you arrive at a picnic spot or campsite and realise that the ground is too soft for the standard feet of the chair. Not only do they stop you from sinking into the ground, they also prevent moisture and dirt damage to the chair feet. Naturally if the feet sink into moist soil they will be damaged from exposure to the moisture and mud.

If you happened to take your Helinox chair with to a venue where the floor is maybe tiled or smooth, then the silicone balls will also prevent your chair from sliding, offering a more stable seating arrangement.

Sadly the balls won’t prevent you from sinking into soft sea sand, but don’t fret because the next accessory is made for that purpose.

Helinox Ground Sheet


The Helinox Ground Sheet is an awesome accessory to have. It serves as a preventative measure to stop the chair from sinking into soft substrates as well as doubling up as a dry storage spot below your chair if the ground happens to be wet.

It’s very easy to fit to the chair as the feet just slide into the corner pockets of the ground sheet. The sheet also has a central attachment which fixes to the centre pivot below the chair.

The Ground Sheet is made from a synthetic material with reinforced corner pockets. It’s the perfect accessory for your chair if you plan on spending a lot of time at the beach or the riverside for fishing. The ground sheet itself provides a platform on the sand that prevents the chair from sinking. As a bonus the platform makes the perfect spot to store a beach towel, your favourite novel or a few other items.

There are different size ground sheets for the various Helinox chair models, so check which one you own before ordering the wrong size sheet. This is a really well thought out accessory.

Helinox Chair Warmer


Here’s an un-cool accessory, no pun intended, the Helinox Chair Warmer by Big Agnes is brilliant for all of you outdoors lovers who can’t take the chill!

The chair warmer is made from a polyester outer stuffed full of nice warm, insulating duck down. The chair warmer absorbs your body heat when in use and insulates at the same time keeping your back and bum warm on a chilly night at the campsite.

The Chair Warmer is made to fit two models of Helinox chairs, namely the Chair One and the Swivel Chair. It is easy to fit to the chair and just slips over the back and seat, with a drawstring to fix it in place.

It also folds up into a 6” x 6” x 8” stuff bag, making it easy to store when not in use. A brilliant product that is a must buy if you suffer from the cold outdoors.

In Summary

No one wants a bulky adventure chair with all these things already built into it. So Helinox went ahead on their usual inventive path to bring you accessories such as the ones listed above specifically as additions to their range of exquisite ultralight outdoor equipment.

They give you the opportunity to customise your own chair just the way you like it. We think it’s awesome!

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