Best Hiking Gloves Review for Men and Women in 2019

best hiking gloves

There is nothing better than a long hike. It’s just you and the trail. Man versus nature. While your co-workers are waiting in line for their half-sweet non-fat caramel macchiatos, you’re out in the world scaling mountains. There are very few activities in the world that can give you such a powerful confidence boost, and those of us that hike regularly find this sensation almost addictive.

Unfortunately, when we’re experiencing discomfort, our outdoorsman fantasy comes to a quick end. Small things like a cold hands and freezing feet can turn incredibly frustrating as your hike goes on. We’re well aware of the importance of high quality hiking of gloves.

In this roundup, we’re going to be taking a look at the five best hiking gloves on the market. We’ll take a look at each option individually, and show you specifically how it can improve your hike. After, we’ll help you decide which of these options will work best for your needs.

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Top Rated Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Gloves

Unisex Mountain Made Outdoor

mountain made unisex

Our absolutely all-round winner is by Mountain Made. Designed for both men and women, the highly insulating material is available in either pink or black. These casual, mid-cold, trekking gloves have everything the casual hiker needs to keep their fingers toasty, and protected against bumps and scrapes.

They have a form fitting design, utilizing a durable zipper making them easy to slip on or off. They have excellent insulating properties, making them suitable for weather as cold as 30 degrees fahrenheit (but not very much more).

Because of the good insulation, they work kinda like a windbreaker, almost completely preventing air and wind from chilling your fingers. They also wick moisture, keeping your hands dry even when you’ve worked up a sweat. Despite these properties, these are still one of the few options that are fully touchscreen compatible, so you can check your GPS while on the go.

The stretchy material makes these some of the most comfortable gloves we’ve ever seen, even though they are quite form-fitting. From warm climates to chilly fall hikes, they are a perfect choice.

Ozero Warmest Winter

ozero winter gloves

When you live in an area where winter blizzards are a regular occurance, your standard gloves just won’t do. Ozero’s winter design combine multiple materials to create a combination of insulation and softness that is rarely found in such an affordable glove.

On the outside, you’ve got a deerskin shell that won’t tear, rip, or be damaged by even the harshest environments. On the inside, a fleece barrier is combined with a proprietary material that Ozero calls “heatlok.” Heatlok creates pockets of air that trap warmth against your hands, while the fleece provides a soft touch that can be comfortable even when worn for hours.

With a suede palm grip, they’re are able to maintain a solid grip during extreme temperature mountaineering. If a little snowfall isn’t enough to keep you cooped up inside, these gloves will help you survive in an environment that would scare most people off.

Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated

carhartt waterproof

Anyone who’s worked a labor job is familiar with the Carhartt brand. This company makes apparel that holds up to conditions that would destroy typical clothing. At 4 inches wide and 7 inches high, these are some of the largest design we’ve tested. Thanks to their polyurethane palm and polyester lining, they’re also some of the strongest.

They are absolutely designed to be used in extreme cold. To make the most of them, it’s best to put your hands in before you go outside and pre-warm them. But once down properly, they’ll can keep your hands warm hours after other gloves will have cooled off. They’ve even got a nose-wipe built in, and a completely waterproof shell that will stay dry even if fully submerged.

Columbia Men’s Fast Trek

columbia fast trek

Next on our list is the Columbia Fast Trek. Any serious outdoor enthusiast has come across Columbia gear before. But this isn’t just another iconic brand, Columbia has held the spot at the top of many lists because they understand the outdoor lifestyle. Their products are well made, durable, but don’t come with any unnecessary features or gimmicks.

These gloves are made from a single layer of polyester, and come in several earthy tones. Blues and greens are a great choice if you want to match the beautiful environment you explore, but grey tones are also available if you like a more reserved look.

They’re are a great way to add a little insulation when temperatures start to cool, and are available for a low price.

Andorra Women’s Waterproof & Snow Ready

womens snow gloves

For women, finding a decent pair of winter gloves can be a challenge. Not only are women more likely to suffer from poor circulation than men, but keeping your hands well insulated requires a tight, form fitting design. These Andorra Waterproof warmest gloves have thinner fingers than most, allowing you to keep your digits toasty in extreme cold.

They are available in baby blue, deep purple, white, and black. They feature a quilted design, and have textured palms to help you maintain grip in snowy conditions. Whether you’re heading out for some winter mountaineering or just trying to keep toasty when the weather changes, these are a great choice for winter hikes.

Which Hiking Gloves are Right for Which Situation?

The pair you choose depends entirely on the conditions you’re hiking in.

Moderate Cold

If you’re hiking in the summer months, or in a more moderate climate, our first choice would be the Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves. These are one of the few touch-screen compatible options, and their unique insulation is suitable for almost all weather conditions.

Extreme Cold Weather

Planning an excursion in the extreme cold? If so, there are two options for you. For men, we’d recommend the Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Work Glove. Designed for tradesmen who need to perform their duties in all weather, they are designed to stand up to any condition.

For Outdoor Ladies

For women, the Andorra Premium Women’s Waterproof Quilted Snow Gloves offer the same level of insulation, wrapped up in a package that is specifically designed for women’s needs.

Tough and Durable

Looking for a pair of gloves that won’t rip or tear under any conditions? Check out the Ozero Winter Gloves. These gloves are made from deer skin, a material that has stood the test of time and provides more durability than any synthetic material commonly available.

Cheapest Option

Looking for an affordable way to beat the winter chills? Check out Columbia’s Fast Trek Gloves. These fleecy companions are available in several different stylish colors, and come at a price that won’t break the bank.

Want to See Some More Options?

You can find most of the gloves in the video at

Also consider keeping your gloves super dry with a handy boot and glove dryer.

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