The Best Double Seater Camping Chair

double seater camping chair

In Cake’s 1996 hit song “Stick Shifts and Safety Belts,” the singer expresses his dissatisfaction with the automotive industry for installing bucket seats in his new vehicle. Why have your loved one a car length away from you, when they can be right next to you on a comfy bench seat? Safety regulations meant that the singer never quite got his wish, but fortunately there are no safety concerns with camping chairs.

If you’re looking to snuggle up around a toasty camp fire on your next weekend out of town, consider picking up a double seater. Not only will you have less to pack into the camp site, you’ll also save money on seating.

Top Rated 2 Person Folding Chairs

Let’s take a look at the best 2 person camping chairs for couples on the market. We’ll help you understand the differences between them, and pick the one that’s right for you.

Kelty Loveseat

kelty loveseat

Kelty is best known for their high end sleeping bags, they’ve got a few top-tier couples chairs on the market as well. The Loveseat is similar in design to the Coleman chair, allowing you to sit closely to your partner without any discomfort. However, there are a few differences with this model. To start, the back of the seat is very high. At 19 inches, it provides a level of support that you rarely find in its competitors. Additionally, the high quality 600D polyester provides a soft, durable cushion that you can sit in all day (and night) long.

There are a few other nice touches that aren’t obvious at first, but you’ll quickly come to be grateful for. The cup holders are very well insulated. You’ll be able to sip your morning coffee without it getting cool, and your even beer will stay frosty until the very last sip.

The final stand out feature is the included carrying sack. It’s made from the same polyester material as the seat itself, and provides an extremely compact and simple way to transport the chair. You’ll save a ton of space, giving you more room to pack extra gear into your campsite. With the Kelty Loveseat, curling up around a campfire has never been comfier.

Coleman Quattro Double Seater

coleman folding double seater

Coleman’s brand is almost synonymous with camping, but that’s not all they’re known for. Coleman products aren’t the cheapest, but they never disappoint in terms of quality and functionality. This Quattro chair is no different. This chair comfortably seats two people, with no divider in between the two seats. This means that you get to sit a little closer, but each person still has their own cup holder.

By design, the Coleman Quattro is really just two camp chairs attached together. This gives you a weight capacity of 250 lbs on each side, and a combined capacity of 500 lbs. The frame is made from strengthened steel, which makes it much more solid than most folding benches in this price bracket. It’s made from a stylish green and grey material that is both breathable and water repelling, ensuring that you’ll be sitting in a dry seat no matter what the weather.

Trademark Innovations Loveseat

folding chair for couples

If you’re looking for a two person bench that can seat a couple without breaking the bank, Trademark Innovations has the solution for you. Their loveseat can hold a combined 440 pounds, and is one of the most lightweight models available. They use a polyester that is much thinner and lighter than competing chairs, and plastic supporting brackets that are carefully designed to allow this chair to fold up into a very compact package.

One of the main reasons we recommend the Trademark, is that although it’s more inexpensive and compact than other chairs, it doesn’t skimp out on any important features. The 31.5” back provides plenty of support, and the 40” seat means that this chair is comfortable even for long-legged people. For the money, you’re not going to find a better option without sacrificing portability.

Picnic Double Folding Chair

picnic-double folding chair umbrella

This unique design fits into what we like to call the “everything but the kitchen sink” category. All the basics are there. You’ve got a 33” tall seat the provides plenty of comfort, and a strong nylon material that, when combined with the steel frame, can support 250 lbs in each seat. But what sets this camping chair apart is all the extras. What a nice umbrella to keep the sun off your face? No problem. Not only is it included, but this isn’t your average umbrella either. You’ve got an adjustable arm that allows you to tilt it in whichever direction gives you the most protection, and you can remove it for days when you don’t want to cart it around.

In the center, you’ve got a handy drink cooler. You can comfortably fit a six pack in the cooler, as well as a small lunch. With two additional cup holders, it will fit everything that you and your partner need to spend the day in the great outdoors.

Which Two Seater Folding Bench is Right for You?

Having trouble making a choice? In terms of basic functionality, all of these chairs will do as advertised. But it’s the bonus features that will make one model stand out over another.

Value For Money

Looking for the most affordable option? Check out the Coleman Quattro Lax Double Chair. Although it’s price is the lowest of the bunch, it comes from a very reputable brand. The build quality is above average, and you’re certainly not going to notice any drawbacks with this affordable option.


Is comfort your main priority? If so, it’s worth spending the money to get the Kelty Loveseat. Kelty uses top tier materials, with the 600D polyester fabric providing both comfort and durability in an easy to clean package. The main advantage with this chair is the high back. At 40 inches tall, it provides much more support than other chairs, allowing you to kick back for long periods of time without getting sore.

Light & Easy to Carry

Is portability key? Give the Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Camp Chair a shot. This comfortable chair uses unique supporting mechanisms and lightweight fabric that allow it to support a ton of weight while remaining light and easy to carry. Combined with the included carrying bag, this double seat will occupy half the space of two standard chairs.

Shade & Storage Cooler

Want to enjoy food and drinks while you’re out camping? The Best Choice Products Picnic Double Folding Chair has a built in cooler that lets you store all of the nourishments you need for the day. With an additional sun shade keeping harsh rays off your skin, this is a fantastic buy for the serious adventurer. If accessories are what you like, check out our Hiking & Camping camping page for more awesome tips to make your next trip extra comfortable.

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