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Camping and exploring the outdoors can be magical but having access to enough clean water can feel like more work than it’s worth. Even if there is a water source near camp, how do you get around having to make repeated trips to make sure you stay hydrated and clean?

Yes, a plastic bucket would work but they take up a large amount of space and are completely impractical to take with on a trail hike. Thankfully, several forward thinking companies understood this predicament and brought us the collapsible bucket.

You can now car-camp or hike far into the wilderness with it attached to your pack. These containers are lightweight and compact yet strong and durable!

Our team of professionals have reviewed the best collapsible water buckets available based on quality, durability and best value for money. If you grab one below, we are absolutely certain that you will love it wherever you go.

Freegrace Premium Compact Bucket


At number one we have the very impressive Freegrace Premium Compact Bucket. This multitasking is portable, lightweight, durable and available in a variety of colors and in 10L, 16L and 23L capacities. Lids are optional. Please take note of your desired size before buying.

It includes handles and a mesh storage pocket for when it is not in use, keeping it compact for easy storage.

You will have to give it a few minutes to take shape. Initially you may feel it wants to collapse but once filled with water, it holds its firm structure. The few minutes it takes are well worth the space saving of this genius camping essential.

This is ideal for you if you love the outdoors but don’t want to compromise on packing space and feeling cleaning. Having clean water available to wash up, clean plates or even do some laundry is a must and it’s all you need to get the job done.

You will love the smaller size if you plan to backpack or travel as it is light and fits easily in a backpack or travel bag. Here’s the 10 litre for easy carrying…

Seattle Sports Folding Bucket for Camping


The simple yet durable Seattle Sports Camp 12L is number two on our list.

This strong and durable product  is made of vinyl coated nylon with a scratch resistant base to avoid wear.

If you are looking for a camping bucket for carrying water, washing clothes or dishes, this little quality workhorse will serve you better and for longer than you can expect.

With a 12 Litre capacity, it may be a little on the small side for some but this is the perfect all purpose tool for average use. So unless you are providing water for 20 thirsty men, this is the ideal camp sized bucket.

This is perfect for hauling water if you intend to filter back at camp. Just let the water cool in the pot before pouring it into your drinking water bucket. It will keep your hydration bladder free of debris and do all the dirty work. It is also perfect for cleaning small items of clothing or washing up at the end of a good day hiking.

Blue Sky FlexWare Collapsible Silicone Bucket


The Blue Sky FlexWare Silicone Bucket is our number 3 selection and is equally comfortable indoors at home or outdoors camping.

It is made of tough and flexible silicone and has the added feature of being heat proof. This is the first in our range that is designed to handle hot water, and it is excellent for cleaning and washing clothes.

It only has a 5 litre capacity but this makes it perfect for the smaller jobs around the house where a larger bucket would be overkill. Both full and empty, this sturdy, silicone and plastic design does not allow it to self collapse.

This is the ideal bucket for your home, especially if storage space is an issue for you. It is so practical and the handle is stable and rigid making it easy to carry. It can be used for cleaning with hot or cold water and it folds away into a compact little unit that can be stored out of the way in almost any cupboard corner.

Camco 42993 Collapsible Bucket


At number 4 on our list, The Camco 42993 has a 3 Gallon capacity (about 11 Litres).

Made of a lightweight fabric, it is effortless to bring along on any outdoor activity and folds away into a neat zipper bag when not in use. It has a sturdy handle and top rim so the bag does not warp when you carry it.

It does not come with a lid but this makes it all the more no fuss, lightweight and convenient for taking with on a trail hike.

This is ideal for you if you are an active outdoors person looking for an all purpose collapsible water carrier. This bucket is perfectly suited for camping or any outdoor activities you may enjoy including fishing boating or kayaking where space is a consideration.

Prepworks Fold In Dish Tub


This review would not be complete without mentioning the Prepworks Collapsible Dish Tub.

Although technically not a bucket, it performs so well and offers such diversity that it has to labelled at least as a very close second cousin.

It is stable and firm so will not self collapse when full or empty. We also love that it folds away to a third of its extended size and comes in an attractive neutral grey color.

It is ideal for use indoors and outdoors, feeling right at home in a camper van or on a camp site. Its square shape and adequate size (2 and a half gallons / 10L) makes it so convenient for washing up dishes or even cooling beers in the backward.

It does not have a handle but the top lip has a convenient rim which makes it super easy to carry.

You will love this collapsible dish tub if you are looking for something compact that offers you a wide variety of uses. This is perfect for cleaning up, washing floors and icing drinks, and when you are done. It’s dishwasher safe so can be washed off before packing away.

We can confidently say this will be the best wash tub you will ever own. We even recommend getting two if you plan to use it on a camping trip, one for washing and one for rinsing.  There is no surprise that this gem just flies off the shelf.

Where Can You Use a Water Bucket that is Collapsible?

That’s what is so great about these incredible products, the answer is anywhere. They are ideal for camping or hiking on short trips or when you are out in the wild for a few days. If it rains, the wide opening of a collapsible container is ideal to capture the rain water (important info) off a tent or tarp.

They are ideal for day trips, picnics, sports events or just cleaning sandy feet at the beach.

These handy water containers are also excellent additions to any home and offer huge benefits and variety to emergency or survival stores you may keep.

Why they’re Great

Lightweight, space saving, smart gear makes camp life so much more enjoyable. We all love carrying lighter and having more space for that extra something you want to bring along.

Yes, they have their limitations and we get that you won’t be turning them upside down and sitting on them at camp. But if you and your family love camping, you will appreciate the value in having the right tool for the right job.

In Conclusion

Replacing dated gear with efficient products that optimize time and space is a no brainer and  allows you to focus on the enjoyment of a new adventure. This is exactly one of those imaginative innovations we love to celebrate.


#1 Freegrace 25l

#1 Freegrace 16l

#5 Prepworks / Progressive Dish Tub

We hope you have found our review helpful and enlightening. We’d love to hear from you so please leave your comments below if this awesome product has become a part of your everyday life or at least every outdoor adventure.

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  1. I just love the dish tub, what an awesome product. It is at the top of my collapsible bucket list for sure.

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