Casio Pro Trek Solar Wristwatch for Hiking


Casio has been at the forefront of sportwatch design for years. They have always kept to their classic look and styling but the functions and abilities of their watches have evolved with modern technology.

Their amazing range of wristwatches makes it quite difficult to choose the right one for yourself because they are all pretty awesome. We really love their PRW-3500T-7CR Casio Pro Trek Solar watch. It’s a fantastic ABC wristwatch for the adventurous hiker. (ABC watches refer to their ability to measure Altitude and Barometric Pressure as well as featuring a Compass.)

It’s a popular choice on our Best Hiking Watch comparison review.

casio hiking watch

The Pro Trek Solar has all the right features to make any wilderness trek or multi-day hike a pleasure for those who rely on weather diagnosis, directional aid and general timekeeping.

How would an ABC Watch Help you on a Hike?

Picture yourself on a remote trail in the mountains. Somehow you’ve managed to stray off the intended trail and you start to panic because you have no idea where you are and the light is starting to fade.

In a situation like this the Pro Trek could really be of help to you, it has a digital compass which is very accurate and the automatic LED backlight keeps the face lit up.

Now you can be more confident in tracing your steps back to the trail. Let’s take a brief look at some of the Casio Pro Trek’s awesome features.

Solar Powered Watch


The Pro Trek is powered by a battery which is charged by a solar panel built into the face of the watch.

The battery will charge even with the faintest light source, enabling the Pro Trek to remain fully functional for anything between 5 and 23 months without any light exposure. We think this is an awesome feature compared to other makes that often have rechargeable batteries with a lifespan of only a few days before a charge is needed from an external source.

A truly reliable Watch when it comes to battery life, especially if you are planning extended trips into the wilderness where you will have no access to batteries or power sources.

Casio Accuracy


With latest advances in technology, the Pro Trek has micro sensors that are a stack more accurate than the larger sensors that were used in previous versions of the watch.

Improved barometric readings and sudden changes in pressure are relayed to the user so that they can be alert to impending storms or other weather phenomena. An accurate thermometer as well as accurate sunrise and sunset time readings finish off this weather station nicely.

Altitude readings are also super accurate to within a foot or two and there is a handy altitude graph that updates your movements as you go.

Digital Compass

The digital compass is really great and very easy to use in conjunction with the Stainless steel bezel for storing directional bearing memory. The ring is easily rotated with a fingertip.

Rugged and Tough


The Pro Trek has been cleverly crafted and now has a water resistant rating of 200 meter or 660 feet, making it the ideal watch for more risky adventures in moist and wet conditions. It’s the ideal time piece to take with on that kayak trip on the Yukon or a trout fishing expedition in the backcountry. It is not suitable for scuba diving though.

The Wilderness is Waiting

If you’ve been looking around for a new adventure wrist watch to accompany you on your next adventure into the backcountry then really consider the Pro Trek.

Casio has been tried and trusted for years on end with excellent quality and service; and the pro Trek is the ideal time piece with all the right buttons for an expedition into the wild.

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