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Outdoorsmen and trekkers like to have gadgets and tools to take along on the adventurous journeys they undertake. Trekkers by nature are minimalist, so these accompaniments to the trail are usually essential tools and often ones that are multi-functional.

One frequently carried tool is an adventure wristwatch that carries features applicable to outdoor and adventure lifestyles. Trekkers rely on certain directional and weather tools to help them on their journeys.

We found the perfect all-round adventure wristwatch which would be the perfect time piece for adventure driven people, at the same time not breaking the bank balance.

It’ s one of the best Altimeter, Barometer, Compass (ABC) Watches on our Best Hiking Watch Review. See the Full Comparison Review here.

Casio is well renowned for their fantastic quality and style when it comes to watches. They have led the industry for years with ingenuity and elegance combined to bring us the very best.


The Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1CR with ABC Sensors is a classic adventure watch without the huge price tag. Let’s take a look at some of the features.

Solar Powered

Casio has built in a solar panel to the face of their adventure watches which charge the rechargeable battery.

The technology that they have applied is top notch and a watch will charge fully in the faintest light source. Fully charged the Casio Pathfinder can remain fully functional for about 6 months without further exposure to light!

We really like this feature because it gives you the confidence to go out there without worry about a battery dying out in the middle of nowhere.

Accurate Time Piece

The pathfinder has a versatile timekeeping system that stands you in good stead anywhere around the world with a world time keeping trend including 31 time zones and 48 cities with city codes. This makes it a brilliant traveller’s watch, maybe for avid global backpackers and jetsetters.

It also boasts five alarm functions, a stopwatch, and a full calendar that is programmed until the end of this century.


Tracking Weather Trends


The Casio pathfinder has a few great weather functions including a daily sunrise/sunset time alert.

The barometer indicates changes in the weather accurately, but does not have the storm alert warning that some of the other Casio models have.


The thermometer is also very accurate but you may find in very warm weather that the reading could be a few degrees warmer as the watch absorbs heat from your wrist. Hardly necessary, but for super accurate temperature readings you may want to remove the watch from your wrist for a few minutes before taking a reading.


Navigational Tools

Digital Compass & Altimeter

To round off the rest of the watches outdoor functions, the Pathfinder sports a very accurate digital compass as well as an altimeter that tracks your ascents and descents as you move along the trail.

For perfect performance and accuracy it is recommended to regularly calibrate these tools to ensure constant accuracy and ease of use. Once every 2 or 3 months is a good time lapse for re-calibration of the compass and altimeter.

Water Resistant

The Pathfinder has a water resistant rating to 100 meters or 330 feet. It is perfectly safe to swim or snorkel with and also for other water borne sports. It is not suitable for scuba diving though.

Final Thoughts on the Casio Pathfinder

The Casio pathfinder is a multifunctional wristwatch that would suit average outdoor lovers and world travellers very well. It also has a reasonable price tag on it compared to more high tech watches in the Casio range.

The Pathfinder probably won’t suit hard-core wilderness trekkers or mountaineers that well, but is certainly a very functional adventure watch for most entry level and intermediate trail seekers or backpackers.

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