Best Quick Dry Pants for Hiking & Outdoors

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We have finally hunted down the ultimate quick dry pants.

Even the most breathtaking trail can be dulled by wet or sweaty gear. Having comfortable trousers that dry off quickly is an essential requirement. Thankfully, with the latest advances in material composition, these guys dry extremely fast.

They also have the added bonus of being infinitely lighter while actually improving in strength and quality. Our team of outdoor adventurers have reviewed an extensive range to find the best moisture wicking pants based on quality, durability, comfort, reduced weight and overall best value.

Any one of our 5 favorites below will be absolutely perfect for your next outdoor adventure!

Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge (With Zip Off Legs)

mens quick dry pants

Our first and firm favourite trousers are the Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants. They are 100% Nylon with Omni-Wick advanced evaporation technology utilised in the fabric, ensuring dry time is at its optimum.

The straight-leg convertible pants design includes side cargo pockets and flap pockets on the back as well as a belted waist.

The zip-off legs convert these into shorts which is a welcome addition should weather conditions or terrain change. The Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection offers you that added layer of defence when hiking in direct sun.

They are awesomely fast drying, lightweight, durable and breathable. The stretchy fabric makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

We really like the zip off leg bottoms. The zippers are well placed just above the knees so they are not too long, they look good as shorts and are perfect for those hotter days. We also find the leg bottoms which are marked “left” and “right” really helpful and they are super simple to reattach.

The fabric is incredibly lightweight so wearing these full Columbias in summer for sun and mosquito protection will not leave you overheating. Even if you work up a sweat, they dry up so quickly that they  do not leave you uncomfortable and feeling clammy.

Our only critique would be that only the right cargo pocket has a zip. The left pocket closes with Velcro. This is helpful however when needing quick access to regular items rather than unzipping the pocket each time you need to grab something.

These trousers are ideal for anyone wanting to take in the maximum enjoyment of a hike or outdoor excursion without wet gear causing chafing or discomfort. We just love their comfortable, no fuss attitude.

Propper Men’s Lightweight Tactical

lightweight moisture wicking pants

Next, we reviewed the Propper Lightweight Tactical. The poly/cotton material dries lightning fast and the waist band stretches for an exact fit.

There are an impressive 9 pockets, allowing for a super organised trek without the use of bulky backpacks for smaller items. The built-in D ring allows for additional accessories to be added.

The slim fit design looks great both in and outdoors and there is a variety of colors available from Khaki to Navy, Black, Olive, Charcoal Grey and more.

Unlike the winning pair, these trousers don’t have zip-off legs. We don’t mind too much though, since this makes them a little more comfortable around the knees when seated.

This stylish design works best for the outdoorsman who enjoys a rough trek in the wild without overheating. The material is great for wet hikes and sweaty conditions.

CQR Men’s Tactical Lightweight Assault Cargo

quick dry water repellent cargo

Our third selection is the CQR Tactical Cargo made utilising high-strength, rip-stop fabric. They have a military performance inspired design.

The fabric is not just quick drying but repels liquids and dirt. They are also designed to include 8 multi-purpose cargo pockets to carry basics that you may need. This awesome design also comes in a variety of colours to choose from.

Being rain proof, these trousers are not the most breathable option but we were surprised to find they did not become sticky or clingy when working up a sweat on a more challenging hike. This feature however is an absolute winner if the weather looks like it may turn on you and you’d prefer to stay dry.

These are also ideal for hikers who live in wetter regions where rain is regularly forecast.

White Sierra Trail 32-Inch Inseam Convertible Pants

zip off fast drying shorts

Number  four  on our review list are the White Sierra Trail. These trousers are designed using water repellent, sun protection, 100% Nylon fabric.

Like our first pick, these have zip off legs and have front and back pockets. The color options are a great selection of neutral, earthy tones and they include a belt.

We found that the nylon-weave belt is the weakest feature, being a bit on the flimsy side but the belt loops easily fit a standard belt so it’s a simple thing to replace and for the short term, it will get the job done.

These are the ideal water resistant pants for hikers or campers living in regions or for seasons where the weather conditions are unpredictable and you can utilize the zip off feature. The zip off bottoms are quick and easy to remove and reattach.

Singbring Men’s Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Pants

waterproof pants with quick dry tech

Lastly, we have the Singbring Men’s Outdoor, a big name for seriously cool looking outdoor clothing.

One of the more modern styled items on our list so far, they are designed using soft shell polyester and have an adjustable waist allowing them to fit comfortably with reinforced knees to withstand harder wear in that area. They have excellent stretch allowing for easy movement.

They come is 3 colours, black, grey and army green and the designers even added a little extra detail with colored zip front pockets, We like the extra attention to detail. The design is slim fit so follow the size guide and you should get the perfect fit for you.

They are advertised as Waterproof pants but we would rather label them as water resistant as they do take water after a few seconds.  When it comes to drying though, they have it down.

These are ideal for hiking, climbing, camping or fishing almost all year round and ideal for someone who appreciates a more modern look.


Of all the pant fits and styles we tried, these top five delivered a quality product we feel confident giving a double thumbs up.

When selecting moisture wicking pants, a key factor to their drying ability is how lightweight the fabric is. Lightweight options are a great added benefit as you do not need to carry unnecessary weight on your next challenge. See how it actually works.

The second key factor to remember after quick dry ability is comfort. Fabrics with stretch offer freer movement. No need to fight your clothing when digging deep on an uphill. The zip off pant legs are awesomely convenient, offering additional versatility. Both zip off leg pants we have selected are lined, protecting your skin from chafe on the zip. The zips are also placed above the knee ensuring they do not catch should you bend or kneel.

For an all round perfect fit, the Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge is a 10 out of 10 and hands down the right ones to pick. It is the winner in all categories from quick drying, comfort, fit, durability and breathability.

We have also dedicated and entire article to reviewing a large selection of Quick Dry Shirts for those hot days.


Columbia Men’s Quick Dry Cargos

Alternative Option

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We hope you enjoyed our review. If you have anything to add or feel we have missed anything, please let us know in the comments below.

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