Best Garmin Fenix 3 Accessories for your Outdoor GPS Smart Watch


Garmin is the leader in wearable GPS navigation technology and has emerged as a key player due to the incredible technology they are able to incorporate with both elegant and rugged watch design. Several official and third party accessories have been developed to enhance their products.

Learn more about the Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire as well as our top pics for the best hiking watches here.

Here are our top favourite Garmin Fenix 3 accessories

The IQ Shield® Fenix 3 Screen Protector

The Garmin Fenix 3 in incredibly resilient to scratches and especially the Sapphire model, given its high strength, scratch resistant Sapphire Lens. We do however strongly recommend the IQ Shield Screen Protector due to its added layer of protection.


It is very easy to install given that it is applied using a liquid adhesive which allows for perfect adjustment of the film and completely eliminates any bubbles or dust particles.

IQ Shield is so confident that it also comes with a lifetime warranty. The adhesive even allows the screen protector to remain perfectly fixed if the hiking watch is submerged in water.

The view is crystal clear and we have found it to be thoroughly effective in avoiding any scraping or scuff marks on the face of your GPS hiking watch.

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The Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor

If you haven’t got the Garmin HR Watch with the built in Heart Rate Monitor you will need to add the additional chest strap which wirelessly transmits your heart rate to this smart hiking watch.

heart rate monitor

This current model includes a wide strap made of soft fabric which is easily adjustable and very comfortable. There are several options available that also track cadence, swimming info, etc but this heart rate monitor tracks only your heart rate.

We have found no issues with the device itself other than the battery compartment being a little difficult to open. It’s small enough to sit comfortably around your chest and lightweight enough to not disturb you while running. After several people complained about the previous heart rate monitor strap design, Garmin really did an excellent job with the wide, soft adjustable strap.

If you have not hiked with a heart rate monitor before, you are going to love the experience. The added data not only serves to track your progress and motivates you but it’s a great way to also challenge yourself by upping your speed or difficulty level.

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Outdoor Nylon Watch Strap

Should you need to protect your existing Garmin Fenix 3 watch strap from the extreme conditions of an outdoor adventure hike, you can use the nylon 5 ring strap by Vovotrade.

vovotrade nylon hiking watch strap

The comfortable 26 cm strap folds back on itself and loops safely and securely  into the military style rings with an additional locking pin holding it in place.

Of all the straps for this Fenix 3 trekking timepiece, this one is certainly the most durable and outdoor friendly option. It also offers good wearability if you are prone to sweating or are hiking in wet conditions. It can easily be rinsed or washed to remove mud or dirt collecting after excessive use. There is also significant weight reduction over the metal and even rubber straps that come standard with the Fenix 3.

It is important to note that the strap loops through the back of the watch and will cover the heart rate monitor of the Fenix 3 HR.

We suggest you order this additional nylon strap if you see yourself facing some harsh hiking conditions. Not only is this the ideal strap for the rougher backpacking routes but it also gives the watch a whole new look which makes for a cool style change from time to time.

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Bike Speed and Cadence Sensor

The bike speed sensor tracks your speed much more accurately than the watch’s sensors alone and conveniently attaches to the hub of the bicycle wheel. No wires are necessary thanks to Garmin’s ANT Technology.

garmin fenix 3 accessories for bikes

The cadence sensor attaches to the crank arm to measure each time the pedal completes a revolution. Together with the Garmin HR’s internal sensors, the data that can be calculated is nothing short of astonishing. The info is impressively reliable but does seem to take one or two revolutions of the crank arm before tracking is activated.

They are a little bulky and some people have complained about their durability but with proper care and the correct attachment, both sensors should have a long and productive life.

If you are planning to use your Garmin Fenix 3 Outdoor Watch for tracking your riding activity, the bike speed and cadence sensors are an absolute must.

Furthermore we definitely recommend using the Strava App in conjunction with your device for a look into nearby bike tracks, times to beat and to connect socially with other riders in your nearby cycling or mountain biking community.

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In Conclusion

Garmin is going to be a very strong contender in the smart watch market in terms of navigation, activity tracking and outdoor sports. There will be a continual expansion of the variety of own and 3rd part accessories for this incredible outdoor watch. Check out the MyWildEarth home page for a complete view of all the outdoor adventure and hiking gear we have reviewed

Let us know if you know of anything else that also belongs on this list.

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