The Best Camping Toilet Seats & Buckets


Unless you’re Bear Grylls, you may just want to poop in a little more comfort when exploring the great outdoors. If squatting over a hole in the woods doesn’t exactly excite you, then a camping toilet seat is the ideal solution. You could even use a bucket/toilet seat combo for the most convenient solution to your wild number 1’s and 2’s.

Combined with these top notch Pop Up Toilet Tents, you’ll feel right at home.

The comfortable, ergonomic design along with the ingenious cleaning techniques make these outdoor toilets the very best solutions available today.

Here are our Winners!

The Hassock Camping Toilet Seat & Bucket


The Reliance Hassock Camping Toilet is the most comfortable on the market and sits at 154 inches tall.

The overall design is very sturdy and weighs only 5 pounds which makes it ideal for moving around while camping, fishing or hunting.

We love the toilet roll holder included in the lid. (You don’t have to worry about carrying toilet paper with you to the loo.)

A further “inside” bucket allows for easy cleaning.

Like with most camping toilets, you can use it in a few ways:

  • You can either add “litter” sand to the bottom of the inside bucket and discard this on a regular basis without much cleaning of the bucket itself. (This happens to be the most environmentally friendly solution)
  • Or you could use the dedicated camping toilet bags (Doodie Bags) which will need to thrown away in an actual trash bin or equivalent waste disposal site.
  • And finally, you could go bucket only, which will require A LOT of cleaning and is simply not worth the mess in our opinion.

Although the product is designed to minimize odour, for more frequent use you can also add the toilet deodorant chemicals which work amazingly well to prevent any unwanted smells.

Another great option to eliminate odour is to cover each deposit with more sand, or other organic material. This is really only needed if you’re going full-natural and not using the bags or deodorant.

Our Verdict and Why You Should Buy It

Even at the higher price tag, you’re butt will thank you for years to come. This near indestructible toilet bucket with seat is comfortable,  easy to clean,  works in a wide range of outdoor situations and includes many features you’ll miss on the other products like the “inner bucket” design and the toilet paper holder in the lid.

The Luggable Loo


The smaller and less fancy Reliance Luggable Loo is a lighter solution and is a little less comfortable than the first option. That being said, at less than half the price, it works like a charm.

The seat cover is hinged making it very easy for kids to use without having to get too technical.

At 3 lbs it’s also 2.5 lbs lighter than the Hassock.

There’s no inner bucket so you’ll need to use it with the dedicated loo bags or you’re in for a bit of a mess. If you don’t, you’ll soon find out that the lid is not watertight and can spill if moved around.

The “litter” option also works here but given the one-piece design, is a little harder to empty.

What We Love About It

The price is great. It is a simple solution to a relatively complicated problem. You won’t sit for very long, but for short stretches, it really does just what you need it to. It’s relatively lightweight and highly functional.

The Fold-to-Go Toilet Seat


The with Reliance foldable camping toilet seat with folding legs adds a new dynamic to the products on this list. It is much easier to carry around and since there’s no bucket below, you could (if desired) also use it to simply do your business and let it drop onto (or into) the ground.

Given that it’s a chair, the legs fold up making it a lot easier to transport than the bucket options above. At 4.5 pounds, it can also hold an impressive 300 pounds of weight!

You can attach the specified Doodie Bags, or you could use this model if you do not want to concern yourself with any waste disposal after the fact. You would simply set it up (with or without the dug hole below) and proceed.

Bear in mind, in most camping and recreational venues this is simply not allowed! There is very strict regulation regarding the disposal of human waste in the US.

Why You Should Buy this Camping Toilet Seat

This is the strongest folding toilet seat option available and has (for the most part) all the convenience of the bucket solutions. In fact, many might argue that it’s much easier to clean, whether used with the Doodie Bags or without.

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