The Best Camping Toilet Bags for Your Next Adventure


Designed to be used with a bucket or folding toilet seat for camping, these camping toilet bags offer a clean and effective way manage human waste while in the wild.

Depending on your preference you can replace the bags daily or as soon as they become overburdened. You would still dispose of the bags as you would (unless a restriction applies) at a designated bio-waste disposal area at the campsite or back at home. This is made even more convenient when set up inside a dedicated toilet tent a small distance away from the actual campsite.

Instead of digging “catholes” to bury your waste, it is highly suggested that the waste is returned from the campsite (especially if well frequented) so as to avoid contamination or spreading of disease. The bags are perfect for this as they allow a clean and easy way of removing your “footprint” from the site and leaving it as perfectly unspoilt as you found it.

Let’s investigate the best options.

Double Doodie Toilet Bags for Camping


The extra durable Double Doodie bags are perfect. There are two layers… An inner layer which holds the contents and a tough outer layer which ensures that no puncturing or leaking will occur. They also have a double zip-lock seal.

The simplicity of the leak-proof design allows you to easily secure the bags to your favorite camping toilet seat. Once removed, a double seal ensures that the contents stay inside.

This effectively avoids the need to disperse human waste in a prohibited manner.

Bio-Gel Camping Toilet Powder

We strongly suggest you choose the option which included the Bio-Gel powder residue on the lining of the bags. It’s meant to turn the waste into a solid upon contact. This is a great way to avoid any spilling, messing or unwanted odor.

We do suggest purchasing the extra 12 Ounce box of Bio-gel with measuring scoop if you think you’ll be needing some serious containment. There will be no “sloshing” around as the contents have near-solidified inside the bag.

Are they Expensive?

The price tag is a little high given the amount of use you get from each bag. You’ll pay just over $20 per bag so you’ll need to make sure it lasts. This is fine for quite a few number 1’s but you’re gonna have to time you’re number 2’s carefully to save some cash.

Why we think these are the best camping toilet bags

They are designed to fit all the Reliance products as well as most other folding camping toilets and seats. Their strength is in their seals. They are nearly impenetrable and the extra gel ensures an even more odourless environment.

Alternative Heavy Duty Bags


An alternative option for camping toilet bags would be to double up some heavy duty garbage bags. The you’ll have get creative with sealing them but they will serve as a considerably cheaper option.

Be sure to clear out the camping toilet more regularly and ensure that the bags are not punctured by accident. This option will not work if you intend to transport the waste all the way back home. It will be fine however, if you’re going to regularly dispose of the waste during your camping trip.

A Word of Warning

Avoid the use of strong chemicals designed for use with RV toilets and other hard-wearing lavatories.  Excessive motion will also be a huge problem so don’t expect to load the bags onto the back of your truck while trekking home.

That being said. They are MUCH cheaper and can be used with caution.

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