Water Dumbbells for Aerobic Pool Exercises


Aqua fitness is on the rise and we have explored a wide range of equipment to find the very best water dumbbells on the market.

If you find yourself struggling with joint pain during traditional workouts, you may find that aqua fitness is the way forward. Water babies and advocates of low impact exercises have been promoting the tried and tested benefits of these forms of exercise so we feel the time has come to review some of the most talked about products on the market.

If, like so many others, you find yourself with an old sports injury or general muscle weakness, aqua fitness is an excellent stepping stone to building up strength and mobility. The low impact exercises are gentle on your body. The resistance of the specifically designed aqua equipment is perfect to either focus on targeted muscle groups or give you a full body workout.

We have selected individual aqua dumbbells as well as complete fitness sets for those wanting to take their aqua fitness training to the next level. Depending on the intensity of your workout, this exercise equipment can help with strength training, building your cardio endurance and burning calories.

These quality products will last forever and are well worth the investment in your training routine. In very little time, you will be able to feel the benefits of a low impact but highly effective workout.

Speedo Aqua Fitness Dumbells (Pair)


Our clear winner is this pair of Speedo Aqua Fitness Dumbbells!

The sporty charcoal and red color of these well made dumbbells differs from the more common blue tones you’ll find in the pool. They are made of EVA foam and are light enough to carry with you if travelling to a water aerobics or training class. They are considered a medium sized weight and resistance. Dry, they weigh in at just over a pound each.

After use, stand them on their side and the water will drain out sufficiently out of the handle so they will not drench your travel bag.

The color is different to the majority of similar products available on the market. We find that the charcoal and red coloring makes them ideal if you are looking for something a little more unique and also makes them well suited for both men and women.

These exercise tools will suite you if you want to get the maximum training benefits from an aqua training session. They are sturdy and their resistance is excellent. The design also makes them look allot less standard issue.

Aqua Fitness Exercise Set


Looking for a full body workout? Then the Aqua Fitness Exercise Set is what you are looking for. The set includes a floatation belt, 2 dumbbells and 2 gloves with webbed fingers and a handy workout guide that helps you experiment and train at home.

This set is also compact enough to carry with you to class and it is chlorine resistant so the foam will not perish. The belt is designed to keep you upright and vertical whilst training. This allows you the balance needed to perform all the exercises included in the guide.

You may find that the belt rides up when in the pool, this is because of the buoyancy in the water. The belt is easy to adjust from time to time, alternatively, try tightening the belt a notch or two.

This set is for you it you enjoy water workouts and want to add variety to your training routine. With the exercise guide included in this package, you are fully equipped to manage a light to full body workout in the privacy of your own pool.

TheraBand Aquatic Hand Bar


For rehabilitation and aqua fitness, the TheraBand Aquatic Hand Bar Dumbbell allows you to set the level and intensity of your training.

Simple water exercises like water walking or jogging, push downs and rowing are all you need  to increase strength and mobility. Targeted movements can help build muscle mass in not just arms and legs but also abdominal and back muscles.

These come in different weights so you are able to pick a size that suites you best. As your strength improves you can up your resistance!

The TheraBand Aquatic Hand Bar Dumbbells do not come with an exercise guide; however there are plenty of resources to find online. And, you can even come up with your own exercises!

If you are building your strength and want to do it at a gradient that you can control, the 3 size options will offer you the varying weight and resistant needed.

Power Systems Heavy Resistance (Pair)


The Power Systems Heavy Resistance Dumbbells are sturdy and large. Because of the size of these guys, they offer heavy resistance and a hardcore workout for looking for more of a challenge.

Due to the sheer size of these you will undoubtedly be questioned about them repeatedly. You will be the envy of many. They may seem cumbersome but the benefits during your workout are so worth the extra space they take up.

These are definitely more suited to those who are more advanced in aqua exercises.

Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells (Pair)


The solid plastic Kiefer Workout Dumbbells offer medium resistance which help you focus on the strength training of muscle groups in the arms.

It can be modified as the handles are fillable giving you more versatility. They come in yellow for medium resistance and red offers light resistance so you can pick your preferred challenge.

If you do not want to fill the handles, you will need to tighten the screw ends so they do not come off in the pool. Once tightened, they will stay perfectly in place.

These are perfect for you if you are looking to create more resistance underwater during water aerobics and water therapy programs

Why choose Aqua Fitness and Water Dumbbells?

Aqua Fitness is a hideaway and it’s oh so freeing. Let me explain… During the classes your body is submerged in water. You do not have to worry about missing a move or even working up a sweat. No-one can see what you’re doing yet you will certainly feel what you’re doing.

For Young People Too

Water dumbbells help build strength and increase mobility at any age. Aqua fitness has become far more popular these days and what was once considered an “old person” activity has now been taken up by youngsters for its calorie burning and overall toning abilities. Aqua Zumba is catching on at a rate, super fun and although you don’t work up a sweat, you’ll fell the bur the following day.

What About Expecting Moms who want some Exercise?

It is also a favourite with pregnant women as the buoyancy of the water aids in movements and makes them feel (even if for just an hour a day) that they have not been carrying a watermelon strapped to their stomach for the last nine months (yes, you can exercise right until the day the stork drops by to delivery your little bundle of joy!).

And Sport Injuries?

Those suffering from sports injuries or are in need of general rehabilitation have long since reaped the benefit from aqua fitness. But it’s now, with added equipment being manufactured specifically for aqua training, that the time has come to take the plunge and get involved in an activity which has been underrated for far too long.


Unlike aqua fitness equipment of days gone by, the newer products are far more durable and use the most advanced materials to compensate for time spent submerged in water.

Aqua Aerobic Exercises available Online

Although not all of the sets come with a guide, you can easily find exercises online.

I had a great time challenging myself with some new moves provided by the manuals included and certainly worked some muscles I haven’t used in years!


Water Exercises

Aqua Aerobics with the Speedo Dumbbells

Combining Movements for a Greater Aqua Aerobics Workout

We have cut out the confusion and made choosing the perfect aqua fitness equipment for you quicker and easier. We hope you have found this review helpful and informative. If you have anything to add, please let us know in the comments below, we look forward to your feedback.

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