The Best Scrotal Support Underwear to Help Support Testicles

scrotal support saggy balls

It’s time for your morning run. Most guys will grab their favorite running shoes or a bottle of water, but there is one thing that most men need, but would hate to wear… a jock strap.

Why the hell do some men wear jockstraps? Let’s be frank, your legs are the most active limbs on your body. And when you’ve got your legs in motion, your danglers tend to get in the way and problems could arise. Though we don’t like to admit it, they are a perfectly functional way to help your knackers avoid their pendulous tendencies.

However, as far as we’re concerned, a jock-strap is an outdated garment. It belongs in a whatever dumpster society chucked their corsets and suspenders. Fortunately, modern scrotal support underwear performs the exact same function, with a much higher level of comfort!

These aren’t just your everyday boxers. This wearable technology is precisely designed for support and will enhance your active life in ways you couldn’t begin to imagine. Let’s check out the best options you can buy online right now.

Top Rated Scrotum Support Underwear

Champion Men’s Boxer Briefs

champion boxer briefs

Champion understands the needs of the modern man, and their high quality boxer briefs are the active underwear you’ve been waiting for. Inside of the spandex exterior, a contoured mesh pouch helps prevent sagging testicles and provides the perfect balance between support and comfort. They don’t squeeze too hard, but they don’t loosen with time.

These men’s pouch underwear are available in both black and grey, these undergarments won’t be too flashy. Their 92% spandex material is moisture wicking, helping to keep everything cool and dry. Overall, these are our top choice for support, making them a great place to start.

Under Armour Boxerjock

under armour boxerjock

If you’re looking to add a splash of color under your jeans, the Under Armor Boxerjock is for you. Their best-selling boxerjock is available in 17 different color combinations. From deep earthy tones to vibrant neon colors, there is surely something available for everyone.

While the color might capture your attention, it’s certainly not them main reason you’d buy these garments. When researching how to prevent saggy balls, Under Armour found that it was all about support. Their unique four-way stretch fabric applies pressure in just the right way. It’s not constricting, and it allows your skin to breathe. But it cradles the balls in a way that keeps them tucked up where they need to be, leaving you to focus on your run.

David Archy Trunks

testical support trunks

If you participate in athletics every day, there is the temptation to buy a weeks’ worth undies so you’re not doing laundry every day. For sagging balls on a budget, David Archy has the solution. Their four pack is the cheapest on the market, but still offers comfort and style.

These briefs use a separate pouch made from a soft, breathable material. Isolating the pouch allows them to have a more standardized boxer-brief style garment, making the transition easier for consumers. These underwear are ideal for those of you who perspire more, as their superior cooling keeps you dry even during the most challenging activities. Available in six different earthy tones, they’ve got a color for every occasion.

Adidas Athletic Briefs

athletic briefs addidas

Adidas designed these garments for those of you who prefer brief style underwear. Many people who suffer from sagging testicles prefer to use briefs, but these Adidas Athletic Briefs will offer a lot more than your everyday pair.

They’re made from an elastic cotton material that provides the perfect combination of support and softness. They’re much more comfortable than boxer style underwear, but the additional stretchiness provides support that you just can’t find in another pair of briefs. This style won’t ride up your leg like some form-fitting boxers, and you still get the same mesh-support pocket you’ll find in other pairs of scrotal support underwear.

Papi Cotton Jock Strap

jock strap

Forget everything you know about the classic jock strap. Papi has brought their model to market that offers all of the benefits of a jock strap, with a much more ergonomic design. These garments are made from 100% cotton, and have a much tighter fit than stretchy options. If you find that nothing has the fit you’re looking for, these are what you want.

The suspensory support is unparalleled, and the soft cushioned waistband allows you to play the sports you love, without any discomfort or unwanted movement. They act as a testicular support bra or sling with excellent freedom of movement.

From the classic plain white design to their brightly colored and shaded models, you have the choice as to whether you want to fit in or stand out in the changing room.

McDavid 3110 Athletic Supporter

athletic scrotum supporter

Those of you who aren’t ready to give up your jock might want to give this one a shot. The Mcdavid Supporter has taken a minimalist approach and removed everything that doesn’t directly support you. The stretchy mesh pouch has moisture wicking properties, and dries very quickly. The combination of 75% polyester and 25% latex is a little firmer than some, but still much more forgiving than your classic jock strap.

With two pairs per package, McDavid provides exceptional value, and we’d highly recommend this option to anyone on a budget.

Which Pair or Fitness Underwear is Right for Me?

Although there is some level of discomfort that you need to get used to, testicular support offered by these garments can make a drastic improvement in your athletic activities. But if you’re looking to realize all of those benefits without any discomfort, your best bet is to start off with a pair of well designed boxer briefs.

Most Comfortable Men’s Pouch Underwear

In this category, the Champion Men’s Tech Performance Boxer Briefs are the Cadillac of underwear. They don’t restrict movement, and are extremely comfortable to wear. The Under Armour Men’s Original Series offers similar features, but the massive color selection makes this option ideal for those of you who’d like to add a splash of color to your life.

Best Value

If you’re on a budget, David Archy’s four pack of Boxer Briefs are the lowest price on the market.

Best Support

Need additional support? For many, briefs are the best option out there. If you love briefs, Adidas Men’s Athletic Stretch Briefs offer the best testicular support in this form factor.

Traditional Designs

Already wear a jock strap? If so, you might want to look at these alternatives that are similar, but offer additional support. Papi Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Jock Straps are much more flexible, and provide a more comfortable fit than your standard model. Alternately, McDavid’s Athletic Supporter is bare bones, providing superior cooling properties. They will be just as effective after surgery.

The underwear and devices above have been thoroughly reviewed and very carefully selected by our male editors. We hope that you find exactly what you’re looking for. If you haven’t, or would simply like to remark on any of the products, please feel free to comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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4 Comments on "The Best Scrotal Support Underwear to Help Support Testicles"

  1. My Urologist has recommended a scrotal support type under ware.I have an epididymis that causes soreness as well as occasional pain and the testicles need extra support. I wear an armour jock strap that feels ok, however it is a problem having to half undress just to take a pee. I’ve looked at the Under armor under ware shown on your site and would like to know if others have purchased that item or others to help with extra testicle support? I’m used to wearing JCP under ware, not the boxer type, though.

    • The Under Armour Boxerjock has been purchased by individuals who have recently had testicular surgery according to the customer reviews section found here on Amazon. See what other people are saying about them and if it helps you make a decision.

      It also has a fly panel which makes it more convenient to use when going to the bathroom.

      Regarding the soreness of the Epididymis, proper and comfortable support is essential. Not too constricted and not too loose either. If you are a 34, go for a large, but bear in mind that they will stretch initially over the first few times you wear them. We wish you the very best with finding the perfect pair.

    • ufm underwear has a draw string pouch which i’m still getting use to, Ever since i had a hernia repair my left nut hurts from time to time. I have under armor and don’t feel it’s enough support. UFM is expensive as hell but seems to work so far. Cotton briefs stretch out too fast.

  2. Joseph Mazzola | October 10, 2018 at 12:07 am | Reply

    Regular briefs with scrotum suspensory support for a adult senior with a size 38 waist and massive scrotum???

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