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Keeping our bodies moving is a crucial part of our daily life, it helps to restore and maintain vitality in our fast paced lifestyles of today. In modern times it has become nearly impossible for some of us to get out for a normal exercise routine because of work constraints and being constantly busy with issues we see as more important.

Nonetheless, exercise is a very important part of our lives and if we do not take part in some activity, it starts to affect our lives in negative ways. Lack of concentration and vigor are the first signs which lead to laziness or lethargy, making us less motivated in the workplace and often leads to unhappiness at home.

Fortunately for those of us who lead fast paced lives and don’t get around to doing any exercise, there are new ways to get fit while you are in your office or at work.

We went and found these four awesome foot and arm peddlers that will get the juices flowing again. But first, let’s take a look at how working out with a foot peddler improves our general well-being and keeps our minds happy.

Take a look here at these really cool, portable arm and foot pedal exerciser reviews.

Under Desk Bike


The Deluxe Folding Peddler was designed by Drive Medical for people who lack mobility or aren’t able to leave a chair or bedside for medical reasons.

It has a nice function display which indicates your workout time, RPM and overall revolution count during your workout session. It also indicates the amount of calories you have burned.

It comes equipped with nonslip rubber soles on the foot bars and the tension of the peddler is easily set by a very simple tension screw that tightens the bearing around the peddle shaft.

It folds down to a relatively small size of 12.5″ x 14.7″ x 6.5″ inches, making it very portable. You can take it to the office and exercise while you work. At this affordable price, you can avoid going to the gym with this awesome piece of equipment.

Stamina Folding Desk Cycle


With the Stamina Instride Folding cycle you can be guaranteed to get a good cardio workout. The simple design and easy to use function display now make exercising at home or in the office a breeze.

The function display is very basic and tracks the time you have been exercising for. Obviously the longer you spend on the peddler, the more calories you burn. Increasing the tension of the peddler will also burn more calories for the same time on a lighter setting. It’s really a matter of choice what you want to achieve.

The Instride weighs 6,2 pounds and is nice and stable on its nonslip rubber feet. Its dimensions are 19 x 15.25 x 12.25 inches once folded open.

It is also able to fold down flat making it a portable gym for anywhere you go. A really nice peddler at a very affordable price.

Isokinetics Mini Exercise Bike


This is a very basic and classic looking peddler. The Isokinetics Inc. pedal exercizer looks like a gym apparatus from the 80’s.

Its simple one piece design fashioned from shiny chromed tubing gives it a bit of a retro look, which is quite stylish. It is one of their entry level peddlers and does not come with a battery operated function display or anything fancy.

The dimensions of the Isokinetics Inc. are 21 x 16 x 13 inches and it has a weight of 5 pounds, making it nice and stable. It is also equipped with non-slip rubber foot bars that won’t damage your surfaces, for example a table top where you are doing some arm peddling.

Looking for a retro peddler that just gets the job done, then the Isokinetics is a great idea. It’s a plug and play type of workout, nothing fancy, just get peddling.

Exercise Peddler Machine by Vive


The Vive Pedal Machine is our most modern and functional peddler on our list.

It was designed by medical professionals as an in home or in office exerciser. It’s the perfect machine for folks who who are chairbound for most of the day and also a great workout for people who are still rehabilitating after surgery or illness.

It is super simple to use and the silent operation makes it ideal to use at work or at home while watching television.

The multi-functional display tracks a few important things namely , revolutions per minute, total revolutions, distance traveled, speed and calories you have burned during a session. It doesn’t fold down, but its compact and sturdy design makes it portable enough at only 12.5 inches in height.

It will need some basic assembly and setup when it arrives, but this will take you a few minutes so you can start workout in minutes.

Slightly heavier than the steel tube designs seen on the other peddlers in our list, but at 12 pounds it is still portable enough to take anywhere.

It is a bit more pricey than others in our selection, but worth the extra spend, considering it has been medically designed and carries a 1 year warranty.

How Exercise Boosts Vitality

The physical activity of using a foot peddler will cause your body to start releasing chemicals that actually make you happy! Serotonin, Dopamine and endorphins act on the brain and give us a feeling of general happiness and relaxation. For most of us even ten minutes of brisk exercise is enough to start releasing our bodies own happy drugs.

The foot peddler is perfect for this; the activity generated by using it will immediately set your heart rate up and get your circulation going again. Your breathing tempo will increase and you will start burning calories.

So apart from getting fit easily, you also end up getting a dose of motivating happy chemicals.

Tips on Using Your New Exercise Peddler

Peddlers are great for those of us who are less mobile because of work or medical reasons.

They are ideal to keep at work or in your office for whenever you need a break and need some stimulation. A great idea for office workers , take ten minutes before a tea or lunch break and get peddling while you wrap up your last work. When you get onto your break time you are going to feel relaxed and invigorated, guaranteed!

Nice gift for grandma in the old aged home! The elderly also need exercise and this is a great way for them to get some light movement in, to keep their joints and muscles stimulated. Granny can knit or crochet while she does a bit of light resistance peddling.

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