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The use of a medical penlight is a necessary part of any doctor or nurses daily routine.

The idea behind a penlight for nurses and doctors is to spot check various things on and around patients. One of the main things inspected is dilation of the patient’s pupils; the pupils convey important information as to the patient’s immediate well-being.

Obviously the light intensity for this application can’t be too high otherwise it can damage or even temporarily blind the patient.

Let’s have a look at the very affordable Primacare DL-9325 Reusable LED pen light with pupil gauge.


Primacare DL-9325 Specifications

This nurse penlight measures 5.2 inches in length by 0.8 inches in diameter.

It is very light and only weighs half of an ounce.

Primacare’s Handy Pupil Gauge

A great feature on this product is the handy pupil gauge that is printed on the side of the unit. The pupil gauge is clearly marked in dots from 3mm to 9mm.

This enables the nurse or doctor to compare pupil size and immediately take record of the patient’s pupil dilation.

Pen Light Functions

The Primacare medical light uses 2 standard AAA batteries, which power a pre-focused LED lamp.

The power supply is turned on and off by depressing the point of the pocket-clip onto the power button, much the same way as retractable ball point pens work.

The Primacare is Sturdy and Well Priced

It might not be made from the best materials, but the sturdy plastic construction of this product make it tough enough for its intended purpose.

To be honest, you don’t need a heavier stainless steel version to carry with you, the lighter plastic version is quite suitable and at its brilliant price you could have one or two more of them stored for future use.

With the good quality LED lamp you can be assured of longevity and a good battery life too.

Why Purchase a Penlight with Pupil Gauge?

This may sound like a silly question, but take a look at who could benefit from a pupil gauge penlight.

Obviously doctors, nurses and medical personnel would want a handy light like this to check on patients. Not necessarily just for pupil dilation, but also for inspecting the ears, nostrils, throat and will make a handy pinpoint light supply for inserting IV needles in the dark during an emergency situation. We rate this as the best penlight for nurses and doctors.

Medical First Aid Kits

It would make an awesome addition to any first aid kit no matter the situation. Most people who have some form of first aid training will already know to check the eyes of any patient or victim, so having a medical pen light at hand will only be a benefit.

This could be anywhere, out on the sports field or in a hiking party’s first aid kit. You could also include a bright tactical flashlight for emergency purposes.

Emergency Response Workers

ER personnel will gladly carry a this handy tool like the Primacare in their overall pockets. Emergencies could strike anywhere and they need to be prepared.

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