Best Ankle Stabilizer Reviews of 2019

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Lingering ankle pain is not just frustrating, it gets in the way of the most simple day-to-day activities. Often, a basic support brace is all that’s needed to help reduce discomfort and provide a little extra stability.

Pain or discomfort from an injury or ailments like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, ankle sprains, swelling and muscle fatigue can drastically be reduced with the use of a brace.

Thankfully, with the latest advances in design and material composition, stability braces have become infinitely more comfortable while actually improving in support, strength and quality.

We have made choosing the perfect brace for your injury easier than ever before. If you pick up one of these supports below, we are absolutely certain that you will soon be feeling the relief.

What is the Best Ankle Stabilizer for Sprain or Twisted Ligaments?

Here’s a list of the best ankle stabilizers and braces for plantar fasciitis and ankle injury.

  1. ASO Ankle Stabilizer
  2. McDavid 195 Brace
  3. Bracoo Neoprene Ankle Support
  4. Kunto Fitness Sleeve
  5. Copper Infused Compression Sleeve

Detailed Reviews of the Best Ankle Stabilizers

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

aso ankle stabilizer

Our clear winner for best value, reliability and maximum support is the ASO Ankle Brace.

The ASO ankle stabilizer is designed to form a figure-eight which maximise support and protects your joints.

Constructed using ballistic nylon, the stability boot is strong and durable. It has an elastic cuff that enhances support and keeps the straps and laces comfortably in place.

Additionally, the brace can be used on both left and right feet. The low profile allows it to fit in most shoes, including sports shoes and work boots.

It is a little more complicated to put on that a standard brace, but in our book, this is a huge plus. A brace that simply slips on does not offer major support. This brace not only prevents injury but provides support for existing injuries.

This is the ideal support if you have a history of ankle injuries and want to avoid further damage. It is also perfect for individuals who play more extreme sports that result in excessive strain.

McDavid 195 Brace with Straps

mcdavid ankle brace

The McDavid Ankle Brace is constructed of a single-layer polyester fabric which is lightweight and offers excellent support.

It is design to simulate athletic tape with a figure-6 strapping pattern. It is clearly designed with comfort as a focus and includes a compression top strap to ensure the perfect fit. It additionally has a breathable tongue and padded lining. The support is also adjustable without having to remove your shoe.

We found that the laces could be a little on the short side, especially for a larger foot but they can easily be replaced so we do not count this against the effectiveness of this excellent brace.

This is a perfect stabilizer for anyone playing sports and wanting to avoid an injury on a weak ankle or simply support your foot while it is on the mend. The strap fits comfortably and will not get in the way of your game play.

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Support


At number three on our list is the Bracoo Neoprene Ankle Support with open heel design.

It does not offer the extreme support of our number 1 and 2 braces reviewed above but allows you a wider range of motion while still provide support. It fits perfectly on both your left or right foot.

The breathable neoprene fabric prevents overheating and allows the brace to stretch and comfortably mould to fit your ankle shape and foot arch.

This brace does not offer maximum support but is ideal for those battling with a weakness in the area due to a past injury. The less extreme support makes it the perfect day to day brace, allowing you the confidence to get on with your day and not worry about every step.

If you are prone to ankle injuries and walk a lot or work a job where you are likely to injure yourself, this stabilizer will minimize the risk of an injury. It is also the ideal product for speeding up recovery time and even assists with reducing pain.

Kunto Fitness Compression Support Sleeve

kunto ankle brace

For a brace that feels more like you are wearing a firm sock, we are super impressed with the Kunto Fitness Ankle Brace which offers excellent protection. Despite the support, the brace still allows perform at your peak without compromising on your mobility.

It is designed to apply even pressure across your ankle joint, providing support and relief from pain. The support is snug and breathable, ideal for use over extended periods of time without itching or causing discomfort.

The specialized fabric weave is form fitting, meaning it will mould perfectly to your foot without being too constricting or too loose that is slips.

To get the correct support and benefits of this brace you have to be sure to order the correct size. However, with the incredible after purchase support that Kunto offers, if you order a size to big or small, they will ensure you get the perfect product for you.

They even offer a money back guarantee should the stabilizer not meet your expectations. With that level of confidence and product support, this brace is an easy pick.

It is ideal for sportsmen and women as well as for day to day support. It can be used for a variety of purposes. It is ideal for use as a foot support sleeve for athletics, as a brace for injuries in recovery and for the reduction of joint pain caused by arthritis or tendonitis.

Copper Compression Recovery Brace

copper compression ankle stabilizer

Last on our list but absolutely not least, we have the Cooper Compression. It offers a unique copper infused compression sleeve. (Claiming to have the highest copper infusions on the market)

The brace, made from incredibly comfortable and washable fabric, offers support while still allowing your full range of movement. This is important as it allows your muscles to continue to strengthen. They offer a full money back guarantee, clearly backing their claims of a superior product.

It may seem like a bother and waste of time to measure your ankle and follow the size guide. The extra effort will be worth investigating that perfect fit, resulting in the perfect sized brace delivering comfort and pain relief.

The brace is perfect for anyone suffering from old and new injuries, stiffness in the foot muscles or joints, sprains or arthritis and tendonitis.

This is ideal for you if you are looking for a support brace that you can wear throughout the day or night and during extended training sessions.

Why copper you may ask? It is believed that copper infused products help treat or relieve chronic pain caused by injuries, inflammation or even diseases such as arthritis. There are even claims that the properties in copper provide pain relief comparable or even superior to drugs or surgery.

Some argue there is scientific proof to support this believed but the jury is still out on this verdict.

Our Conclusion

Ankle stabilizers can be successfully used in a variety of sports. They are ideal if you participate in sports that demand a greater strain on the foot and joints, like hiking, golf, netball, basketball, baseball, cross fit, running, tennis and volleyball.

When selecting a brace, you will find that they range from maximum support where your natural motion is limited to mild support where your foot and ankle are supported but have a much wider range of movement.

Depending on your injury or symptoms, select a brace that suits your unique condition. If you are unsure, consult your doctor and he can advise on the ideal product and support you require.

Based on the severity of your injury and which muscles are affected, recovery can take time and a brace is essential to make sure you do not hurt your self further while it is still weak.

Ankle Exercises

While your muscles are weak, it is important to complement and assist recovery using ankle exercises. Simple exercises, like rotating the foot in circulars motions are enough to improve full motion. Done a few times a day, your range of movement and muscle strength will improve.

Exercise Videos

If you would like to look into additional exercises to stabilize and strengthen your ankles, take a look at the following video.

We hope you have found our review helpful and informative. If you have anything to add or feel we have missed something, please let us know in the comments below and we wish you a quick recovery.

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