Best Straw Beach Mat for Relaxing in the Sun


If you are anything like 99% of people on the planet, you love going to the beach. Beautiful ocean, warm weather and ball games, what’s not to love!

Well, actually there is one small teeny, tiny thing, sand! Sand does not only stick to your feet; it gets on your towel, then into your lotion and onto all the other goodies you have brought along. After the day is done, it then comes home with you, to sprinkle your kitchen floor and bathroom like a contagious virus.

You would think that the solution to this problem would be a sophisticated gadget with vacuum pipes and spinning brushes. But, the quick fix is way simpler and has been around for years, the traditional straw beach mat. Pick up, shake off and roll. That’s it! Uncomplicated, low maintenance and sand free.

If this is what you need, look no further than our favorite multipurpose ground cover. It wins all the prizes for quality, durability, versatility, beautiful design options and price.

We’ve made sure that your next seaside trip or picnic will be a fuss free experience with the perfect smooth and clean surface to enjoy your day out.

Large Straw Beach Mat made with 100% Natural Materials


As we have mentioned above, the SouvNear Fair Trade natural, multipurpose mat is our hands down, winning straw beach and picnic surface.

Originally designed as a traditional, 100% natural yoga mat, these classic products are handmade by village artisans in India. It is long and wide, measuring 6×3 feet!

It offers great versatility and can be used as much more than just a comfortable, large beach mat. You can take it almost anywhere that you need to have a barrier from the ground, from camping or picnics outdoors to exercise or yoga indoors.

It is handmade using natural Darbha grass and comes in 4 beautiful designs and color variations so you can select your favorite finish. The all natural, non synthetic materials used in the manufacturing of this product ensure it has no chemical smell.

If you plan to travel with the it or take it camping, it folds into a neat and compact roll that is lightweight and can easily be popped into a travel bag.

If you are looking for a large, multipurpose, natural grass finish, you will not find better. If you want a natural straw surface that has a smooth and easy to clean smooth finish so grass and sand do not stick to it, this is your perfect and durable all-rounder.

What is Darbha Grass?

Darbha grass, also known as Panic or Kusha grass, is traditionally used as part of Hindu rituals and plays an important role in the Hindi way of life. The grass has sacred relevance and is believed to have healing and purifying properties. It is then quite fitting should you be using yours for meditation or yoga.

The Darbha mat also has significance in Buddhism. It is believed that Buddha was meditating while sitting on a Darbha mat when he first became enlightened.

What do the scientists say?

Scientists who have completed studies on Darbha grass reported that the grass absorbs about 60% of radiation that it is exposed to. This has been taken as supporting evidence that it may in fact also absorb other negative radiation in our environment.

Yoga Anyone?

When used for yoga, best you have grass or a carpet underneath it to avoid slipping. If you plan to use it on tile or a wooden floor, place a plastic yoga mat under it for added stability. It can also be used as a floor carpet but is not designed to handle excessive foot traffic so may wear under more extreme conditions.

How About Some Beach Yoga

We hope your next trip to the beach or picnic in the park or meditation session is made that much more comfortable and convenient with one of these awesome traditional mats. Send us your thoughts and feedback below.

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