Best Mermaid Bathing Suit for Swimming Fun


Every little girl dreams of swimming effortlessly through the water like a graceful mermaid. Why not make that dream come true? Transforming your daughter into an ocean princess is a wonderful way of encouraging her imagination and creative play.

We have handpicked the most magical bathing suits for little girls. These colorful swimsuits are fun and functional, both in and out of the water. We have even included a swimsuit for grown-up’s who have not yet outgrown their mermaid fantasy.

Whether you have a kid’s dress-up party around the corner, or just want something cute that sets them apart in the pool, look no further.

Although we can’t turn you into a real mermaid, we can definitely help you dress like one.

Mermaid Swimsuit Bikini for Girls


Our first choice is the PGXT Girls 3 piece set. This swim suit is comfortable, made with quality fabric and care.

You will also be happy to hear that today’s costumes have openings for feet so your daughter will be able to walk around unaided, albeit in tiny mermaid steps.

The overall look of this outfit is stunning with vivid, sparkling colors. The costume comes in 3 color combinations for you to choose from, the popular rose red and blue, gold and green.

As the tail restricts some movement, you may want to remove if for swimming. If your child is a strong swimmer, the tail will add to the fun.

This is great if your child has a dress up party or just loves all things Princess Ariel. To keep the brilliant shimmer of the tail, there is a lovely bikini bottom included which is better used for swimming.

Girl’s Swimwear Costume with Tail


Our second choice would be the Newland girl’s 3 piece tankini bathing suit.

The colors! There is a lovely range of colors to choose from including green, gold, rose red, blue and two multicoloured options. As with our first choice reviewed above, the bottom of the tail is open so that your child can walk around easily.

Depending on your child’s build, you might find the top to be a bit too revealing. Luckily, there are two styles to choose from if you’d prefer a more modest look for your daughter.

If your daughter loves pink or any bring colors for that matter, she will no doubt make a statement with these eye-popping colors. This will be a dress up party she will not soon forget.

Swimmable Kids Mermaid Tail with Monofin


The third selected girls costume is the Xiongyi Girls Sparkle with Monofin.

This outfit is the full package. Not only do you receive a bikini and mermaid’s tail, but it also comes with a monofin for those feeling confident enough to take to the water like the “real” thing.

The monofin can be a bit of a challenge initially, however once your child has got the hang of it, the biggest problem will be getting her out of the pool! This is not a “walkable” tail attachment so staying in the water will ensure the best use of this awesome set. Check out the video t the bottom of the page for tips on swimming with a monofin.

This is for you if your daughter is a slightly more skilled swimmer and dreams of swimming like a mermaid.

Women’s One Piece


Now something for the ladies, the Dasbayla Women’s One Piece Glitter Swimsuit is our first product for the girls who grew up but never quick grew out of the fantasy of being an ocean princess.

This is as close as you can come to looking (and feeling) like a mermaid without gathering quizzical stares. The swimsuit fits snugly and the color options are plentiful and gorgeous. The lower body remains the same shiny green, scale finish but you can choose from a range of colours for the bikini top half including green, including rose, black, orange, blue, purple, red and sky blue.

The styling and quality are perfect. Just be sure to follow the sizing guides when ordering this piece to ensure you select the right size for you.

This is perfect for you if you are accompanying you child to a themed party or just want to feel pretty and enjoy a fun day out at the beach or pool.

Dreams Do Come True

It is every little girl’s dream to be a mythical Princess Ariel. If you have a party approaching, going with a homemade “under the sea” themed costume, (such as an octopus) will not cut it and will not win you any mother of the year awards.

Imagine your little girls face at a party or even as the birthday girl in a perfect and shiny mermaid bathing suit. Complimented by a long “Ariel” wig (that you put together) cascaded down her back. Now there is a lifelong memory in the making.

If your little one is dying to be a flame-haired Ariel for the next birthday party, we’d say you have all the input needed to make sure that wish does come true.

Mermaid Party Games

We have listed five easy to manage games which can be played indoors or outdoors. They are suitable for all kinds of ocean themed parties including pirate and under the sea parties.

  1. Pin the Tail on the Mermaid: This is a slightly different take on the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.
  2. Walk the Plank : Balance a piece of wood on two bricks and get the children to “walk the plank”. You could also do this by laying it flat on the floor.
  3. Claim Your Rock: Every mermaid enjoys lounging about on a sunny rock. This game is similar to “Musical Chairs”, however you can cut out and paste “rocks” onto the floor or use cushions. For every round, remove one rock until there are only two players and one rock pillow remaining.
  4. Hidden Treasure: Make a sandpit or treasure chest and fill it with sand. Inside you can hide goody bags and trinkets for the children to find. Make sure to specify how many of everything each child may find!
  5. Paint some shells or make a necklace: Depending on the age of the little revelers, you can change this one up. Either let them paint some shells to take home, or they could string together some shiny ocean treasure necklaces!

How to Swim Like a Mermaid with a Fixed Monofin

And Just For Fun, Disney’s Under the Sea

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