We love travel & adventure. Since the dawn of time man has felt the need for the rush of life, skimming inches past his face as he braves extreme conditions where the only thing standing between him and failure is the almost incomprehensible skill that the body is capable of when properly conditioned.

kilimanjaro klimb

Among men, walk the gods who face their fears and seize the life many only dream of. We know the passion for adventure and excitement that burns inside you… We have it too.

This website is dedicated to the people who choose life and who choose to live it on their terms. Whether it be on snow, on the water, over mountains or in the sky.


We understand the connection with nature and we understand the connection with the tools which allow us to shave death’s beard. The gear we use to challenge life with extreme sports are not only our connection with the sport, but also our connection with the earth.

Said less dramatically… “if you have crap gear, you’re experience will be crap.”

We Know Outdoor Gear

From hiking Kilimanjaro to Sleeping under the stars in the jungles of Belize, we have a deep unquenchable passion for the outdoors.

We Really Know Extreme Sports Gear Too…

We have climbed said mountains, surfed said waves and dived the oceans of this world. And we have done so with one primary goal in mind “The eternal search for new adventure.”

Snow Boarder

Our team of writers and editors include a Scuba Dive Instructor, a Kite Surf Enthusiast, Climbers, Hikers, Downhill Skate Boarders, Stand-Up Paddle Boarders, Wake Boarders and Snow Boarders, (really everything-Boarders) and we love to do extreme sports… but with great gear.

The constant advances in outdoor gear and extreme sport technology help us push the envelope of the sport as well as our own limits too.


Come with us as we review the latest outdoor and extreme gear and put it to the ultimate field test… Life itself.



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