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We are a dedicated team of outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts who have made it our business to know the very best gear in the hiking, biking and water sports world. Our extreme adventures have taught us that to keep pushing our own limits, we need to also push the limits of our adventure gear. New advances in  technology helps us to experience heights reserved for only the brave few.

We found the Best Hiking Watch with GPS

The Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire has proven to be the best of the best when it comes to wearable hiking and adventure tech. Read a full review of this hiking watch as well as the competing options here.


Pocket Stove

A pocket stove is a flat-pack multi-fuel cooking device for the lightweight or solo outdoors enthusiast. It’s a simple foldable…

quick dry shirt

Quick Dry Shirt for Hiking

We have all seen a Quick Dry Shirt that uses Moisture Wicking Technology designed to reduce (or even eliminate) sweating….

scuba fins

Scuba Fins

Investing in a comfortable set of scuba fins with a good design will make a massive difference in your scuba…

best dog backpack for hiking

Best Dog Backpack for Hiking

If you love discovering new trails with your canine hiking buddy, your dog can now also become a contributing members…


The Best Hiking Watch

Getting lost in the wild can be amazing, but at some point along your intrepid journey, you might need to…

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Our team of writers include a Scuba Dive Instructor, Kite Surf Enthusiasts, Climbers, Downhill Skate Boarders, Stand-Up Paddle Boarders and Snow Boarders, (really everything-Boarders). Feel free to contact us.


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