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How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Everest?

The journey up to the top of the highest mountain on earth starts long before you take your first step on the trail…

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Globetrotting Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

There’s something awesome and incredibly fulfilling about traveling alone… a sense of freedom and possibility. You’re not tied down to…

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How Hiking Changes Your Brain & Your Body

Learn about the incredible ways that your state of mind and your body are dramatically improved by spending time hiking in…

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Top 20 of the Most Extreme Hikes in the World

Are you looking to take your hiking to the next level? We have put together a list of the world’s most…

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Beyond our own passion for everything outdoors, we have made sure that all our articles are written by experts in each field.
These include Travel, Health, Hiking & Camping, WatersportsOutdoor Adventure, Home Living and Safety.

For example, if you read an review article about Scuba Diving Fins, it was written by a PADI Diving Instructor. An article about fly fishing gear was written by a qualified Fly Fishing Guide. This is how we ensure only the most honest and professional advice is published.