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On this website you'll find great new places to hike, awesome tips and tricks to make your camping or travel trips more fun and excellent gear reviews to make each moment of your adventure one to remember. You'll can find the best gps hiking watch here and even find out which is the best lightweight backpacking chair here.


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Safety for Woman While Travelling

“In a perfect world, women wouldn’t need self-defense because men wouldn’t perpetrate these crimes” These are the introductory words to…


Backyard Camping Ideas

Weekends can feel like work if you don’t have a plan, but you have kids to entertain. If the idea…


Hi! I'm Bianca.

The world inspires me. Different cultures, exotic foods, new adventures and ever changing landscapes, are what feeds my soul.

I love to share my stories so others know that the life they seek is not beyond their reach. The world is a playground that belongs to all of us, and we should live every precious day with a happy and free spirit.

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